Who Is Sylvia

As founder, Sylvia has been an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher and Luminary, Speaker and Writer for the past 30-plus years. She is a globally recognised authority on Soul Education, MRI (Modern Relevant Interpretation) of Ancient Wisdom, the Western Qabbalah and Universal Tree of Life.

“Since the early 1990’s I have had the good fortune to learn about practical spirituality and proven techniques and tools for everyday living from Sylvia. From time to time I have researched the teachings of other people and groups, but I always come back to her teachings, which are thoroughly researched and down-to-earth. In her workshops, books and presentations she always shows a gift of being able to make complex concepts easy to understand – and use!”
– Robyn M

Sylvia Vowless

“Sylvia is a person who walks her talk. With a great many years of study and testing behind her, she shares life-changing principles and powerful techniques which empower people to create the life they want – and it works. I am one of many who can vouch for that!”  – Ann R

“Sylvia is an inspiration to me and all who come across her path. My life has been changed by her wisdom teachings and has improved beyond measure.
She has so much to offer that is highly relevant to everyday living and greatly improves the quality of people’s lives. I know this because I use her innovative tools, techniques and strategies on a daily basis. They give me immediate results that help with all manner of life’s demands. Sylvia has had many decades of experience testing and living all she shares to take an ordinary life through to extraordinary! I always get a higher understanding from the tools and techniques that she teaches to improve my life even more.”  – Ginnine G

“I think of you often, fondly, as the lady of Light who never ages!”  – Dr G P

As she herself says …….
I am passionately dedicated to serving the acceleration of Soul Education and Spiritual Consciousness Evolution as widely as I’m able.

My passion and joy, my three-fold life dedication is:

  • helping others maximize and accelerate their tangible Spiritual evolution and Soul Ascension progress, which is the ultimate Higher Plan for all humanity
  • supporting the emergence of a new unifying Universal Spirituality that transcends religions, dogmas, cultures and races
  • sharing methods based upon my 40+ years study and practice that activate and manifest our unlimited potential – latent Master-Powers and miracles of our Higher Self/ I AM – which I know really work because I love proving they do!

These often seem like ‘superhuman’ miracles, and expand the delicious limitlessness of our personal lives – just as I continue to enjoy doing and experiencing myself! You can read about my many miracles and how YOU can attract the same, in my book The MIRACLE EFFECT www.sylviavowless.com

“I am humbled by the generosity of your beautiful heart and soul, dear Sylvia. My most sincere, heart-felt Thank You for all the material. I have started to work with it. It resonates deeply. This morning, after having worked with the I Am Decree yesterday, I have felt strong yet gentle energy of love and protection. I am grateful more than words can possibly convey ❤ I feel the Melchizedek work has also started to help me to face, deal with and hopefully transcend paradoxes I have been struggling with recently. And, most importantly, my spiritual enthusiasm is beginning to rebuild.
Last but not least, dear Sylvia, what you are doing is of enormous proportions. At least for me personally it is. And I am certain there are many more who feel the same. I give thanks that our paths have crossed. I would also like to send you all my encouragements on your strong and inspiring light-bearer’s path. Thanks a million for all your kind help and for working with me.”  – Eva Srobova, Russia

How I Started

  • My Spiritual journey was ‘awakened’ when I was ten – an inner ‘knowing’ that what the teacher said about Egypt’s Great Pyramid being a tomb just wasn’t true!
  • This Soul experience led me to focus on seeking – and finding – provable Spiritual answers to life and why we’re here, a usable understanding of the bigger picture of life.
  • I received not only answers but amazing knowledge of Ancient Wisdom Secrets, designed to help accelerate Soul Evolution in this 21st Century of change

Along the Way

  • Many earlier careers – (eight in fact!) including certificated school and dance teaching, theatre, and PR lecturing – gave me the skills that now enhance my ‘real’ Soul Service Mission work! An honour that resulted was the QSM – Queen’s Service Medal for community services – I’m guided to use as it apparently gives me 3-D credibility!
  • In the 1970’s, intense preparation began in earnest for my life’s Soul Service of worldwide teaching, writing, and presenting as an internationally recognized authority on Soul Ascension Education.
  • It involved many years of intense and meticulous training on the Inner Planes by an Order of Melchizedek High Priest, and numerous, incredible multi-dimensional experiences and Initiations.

For example, in my experiences –

  • I was actually shown the three stages of Ascension!
  • And several glimpses of the higher dimensions, the bigger picture of the play between Light and dark …
  • Plus the challenging Initiation of stepping into the Void without warning!

This has all led to making my work uniquely different in that I share what I know through direct experience, rather than just theories I believe to be true!

“Sylvia, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deep wisdom and grace you have shared, enabling me to have a far more cohesive sense of myself as a spiritual being and of what is needed on my journey to en-lightenment.”Maggie H, Australia

“The tools you have shared with me, have helped me wonderfully to process and to move forward, whereas before I wouldn’t have managed it so well”.  – Ginnine G

“I am so grateful for the guidance you have given me over the years.” – Dr Gail P xxxx

“I just wanted to express my infinite Gratitude to you for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. The Universe and my angels led me to your teachings and they have been so helpful and inspiring my soul’s evolution. Thank you again for sharing and shining Gods light within to help others become the highest versions of themselves. Your soul is brilliant expression of love”. –  Erica Duncan, USA

“Congratulations Sylvia! You walk your talk and are a true inspiration.”  – Ngaire P

Gaining Direction

Then in the mid-eighties I was guided to begin my public Spiritual teaching. This continues to this day, its presentation forever evolving to keep it meaningful both to those who are awakening, and those ‘old souls’ who are already awakened.

Then followed downloadings and revelations from my Higher Self Mind via the Holy Spirit, of vitally important and unavoidable steps – like precise instructions everyone needs to live and master in order to complete all three stages of Soul Ascension.

I continue to receive regular direct revelations and insights from the Higher Mind via the Holy Spirit, the interconnecting link and communicator who also gives practical guidance on how I can best serve.

Special Gift

I am particularly blessed with the wonderful gift of the unique ability to absorb, distil, and blend the essence of profound knowledge and in-depth information – then share in an inspiring way that anyone can easily …
i) understand ii) assimilate iii) and apply in highly practical forms

“A wonderful lady with a very high calibre of wisdom, knowledge, experience and integrity. I believe and know this, having been a student, been mentored, and worked with her for 20years. Sylvia has a gift of being able to make complex concepts easy to understand – and use! This includes not only theories but fresh, innovative tools, techniques, strategies and understandings you can apply with often immediate results …..
Sylvia is a good example that age makes no difference (as late Wayne Dyer did) that ANYONE can learn how to improve their life, take it from the ordinary often ‘Groundhog day’ kind of humdrum existence to the extraordinary!
This is based upon many decades of experience testing and successfully living all she shares, including manifesting miracles regularly.” –  Nerissa McL

“Your gift seems to be that you can troll through information and discern its validity. I am surrounded by challenges – my business, my health , my relationship. I have found what you teach very helpful in focusing on things that work.”Mike C

  • I have loved being able to use this precious gift to help thousands of people worldwide over the past thirty years, as well as working on my own Self-mastery. Amazing examples of this include self-healing two medically-untreatable, debilitating conditions of bone degeneration.
  • I share the incredible techniques I used in my book The MIRACLE EFFECT
  • What each of us achieves accelerates not only our own Soul advancement and Ascension process, but also
  • Through the Quantum Field that connects us all, helps the Higher Plan for humanity’s spiritual evolution,
  • Helps to dispel the confusion and countless myths about instant Ascension without personal effort that proliferate today.

Most of these myths are based upon the misunderstanding that something or someone else can ‘do’ Ascension for us. Working for so many years with the Spiritual Hierarchy – who make it clear that not even they can do it for us – has taught me that Ascension being an action verb, must be a process we each must understand and then master, hence my use of the word ‘education’.

And that the final, third stage we’re aiming for is Ascension of our SOUL

Our Soul remains firmly tethered energetically to the physical plane until we’ve learned and completed all that’s necessary to free it, metaphorically like untethering the ropes that hold a hot air balloon down so it can ascend!

“Sylvia’s work has helped to change and shape my life – much love and gratitude for you shining your true light Sylvia, and having the courage and determination to do so! You are indeed a way shower.”Jane Gruebner, www.bodymindinterpreter.co.nz

“Re Ascension – Beautifully yet assertively put Sylvia. I think the info you are sharing is much needed as people are searching and reading so much misdirected information from people with much less understanding and wisdom than yourself. Your passion for helping and teaching is infectious.”Julie Hayes, UK

“I would like to thank you for all your efforts in shining your light and leading the way, for all your guidance through the divine powers and never ending stalwart belief that you show and live by. I am very grateful to have been connected back to you on a Soul level and give thanks to my spiritual team and yours for leading me to ‘the way’.”Ngaire P

Rose and dove.

Western Living Qabbalah

After years of research, I’ve found the most meaningful and practical field of ‘Revealed Higher Wisdom’ for today, to be the western Living Qabbalah with its Universal Tree of Life.

  • This awesome, all-encompassing mystical Knowledge based upon Truth Principles forms the matrix foundation of all spiritual paths, especially Christianity as Jesus was a Cabbalist – and explains both Creation and our Soul’s journey home. It offers therefore, a synthesis of all the world’s sacred esoteric knowledge and mystical beginnings.
  • What I find most exciting is the fact that today’s sciences such as epigenetics, quantum physics, and entrainment are explaining these esoteric Principles!
  • Many are even the foundation of modern science – the beginning of blending Spirituality and Science.

Studying Ancient Wisdom

My added passion these past forty-plus years has been ongoing in-depth research and study of many Ancient Wisdom teachings, as well as reliable contemporary studies. This inevitably led to discovering the underlying Cosmic Truth Principles and their Universal Laws that explain everything! Under the heading of “As Above, So Below” they have been preserved and passed down by Mystery Schools that began over four thousand years ago in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Some of the most significant include:

St Germain

I consider myself fortunate in being able to do past-life regressions both for myself and others, because they invariably provide answers and understandings to all kinds of facets of the current life which would otherwise be inexplicable.

My most significant past life was spent in Hungary some in the seventeenth century as the younger sister of Ferenc Rackoczi, whom Hungarian history calls the ‘mystic lost son’ of Prince Rackoczi of Transylvania. 

Click here for more about St Germain and my connection…

My research while living in Hungary for a time in the 1990’s, led me to discover a very old, out-of-print book of the Rackoczi family history. It confirmed my lifetime with St Germain as he became known, as it recorded not only my own name and nickname in that life, but also my nickname of Feri for my brother that I’d recalled in my regressions some years earlier! It was a real ‘goose-bumps’ experience!

When he was only in his teens, my brother left for Europe becoming known as the Comte de St Germain – or simply St Germain – an honorary title given to him by King Louis XV of France. I had adored and looked up to him not just as my older brother, but because right from a young age he was special in his Spiritual abilities and devotion to serve mankind. I had made a promise that I would work with him in his spiritual mission, but sadly I fell in love and chose to stay in Hungary instead! This explains my many connections and feeling of belonging in Hungary in this current lifetime – and the many karmic issues I’ve had to clear!

But in this life I’ve honoured my centuries-old promise! In the ‘80’s I was irresistibly drawn to work on raising my vibrations enough to eventually connect with his Ascended Master consciousness – even though at that stage I had no idea why.
I worked closely with this for a few years, during which time I received the very beginnings of the Soul Ascension process. This was outlined in my first book “Are You Ready for Ascension?” Parts 1 and 2, which came out in the ‘90’s, later being published with the title “Soul Education.”

International Events Soul Service

A highlight of my Soul service has been worldwide teaching and invitations to be a Guest Presenter for numerous major international Spiritual Events. These have included:

  • being chosen as Spiritual Ambassador for the Southern Hemisphere at the “Call to World Peace and Unity” Symposium, in Istanbul, Turkey. I gave a presentation as one of four international Presenters to over a thousand people from more than twenty countries. sharing the stage with people like Dr Eric Pearl, from the US
  • The International Esoteric Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil, sharing the programme with the esteemed writer of “The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch”, Dr J.J. Hurtak PhD, PhD from the US
  • The Wesak Festival in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Festival of Light in Vienna, AustriaSylvia Speaking
  • The Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in London
  • The Esoteric Link-Up in Israel
  • The Silver Dove Conference in Thailand
  • Spiritual Workers Conference in Peru
  • The Millennium Gathering in the United States
  • The Aotearoa Festival of Light
  • Lightworkers Festival and Wesak in Australia
  • 16 International Gatherings of Masters in New Zealand which I also organized.
  • Under MAI, organizing NEW CONSCIOUSNESS events with leading-edge Presenters such as the Drs James and Desiree Hurtak, USA (2014), and Dr Bruce Lipton, USA (2015)
  • One Light Gathering retreats with Keynote speaker Dr Dragos Bratasanu (2016).
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