Soul Codes

Your Path to Wholeness, Joy and Freedom

This life-transforming SOUL CODES seminar packs months – even years – of study and learning of the ageless Truths into ONE POWERFUL WEEKEND!
It addresses the all-important questions that have plagued humanity for eons …..

Why am I here? What have I come to do?

The answers come from identifying your own personal SOUL CODES (or Initiations) based upon the 10 Universal Truth Principles. ALL these absolutely must be addressed and integrated in some lifetime in order for you – or anyone – to ‘rewire their brain’ for making possible real Spiritual progress towards enlightenment, Self-realization, and the ultimate freedom of Soul ascension!

You walk into this seminar at the beginning of Day One eager and ready to learn how to turn your life around and live from a higher level of understanding and consciousness.

By the time you leave at the end of Day Two you will KNOW at last what your Soul has been longing for you to learn – and how to live permanently with joy while feeling whole and free!

So what is different about the ageless Truths today?

NOW is the time for the all-encompassing Truth to be distilled and collated into one practical Spiritual Science system or Path suitable for this age.

The result? The 10 concise SOUL CODES or ASCENSION MASTER KEYS that Sylvia offers you now as the result of her 40+ years of study and testing.

But walking your Path and ascend are action verbs – so do you know exactly HOW, or the key to your ascension of consciousness?

Soul wisdom
spiritual path leading into the Light

This mind-opening seminar answers this because you will learn:

  • Your personal SOUL CODES that have been encrypted since birth. They provide you with your true SOUL PURPOSE, the bigger picture of why you’re here and what you’ve come to work on in this life
  • How to de-code, identify and interpret them for everyday living. Based on the accumulated essences of all your past lives, this gives you a map of your current Soul Path, its territory and your own particular ‘sign posts’.
  • Why is this so important? Do you know that we live 90% by default? 90% of our major life’s experiences are caused by old unfinished Soul business accrued from countless lifetimes
  • These unique SOUL CODES that cannot be found anywhere else as one modern format, empower you to recognise the Soul lessons behind every major situation, relationship, challenge – and how to clear them forever!
  • And they help you fully understand the practical implications of the mental, subconscious, emotional, physical and material levels of life as a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • Your SOUL CODES also identify and show you how to break free of limiting thoughts, behaviours and old baggage, and reveal the ties that bind you to this third dimensional wheel of reincarnation, how to release them – and how to tell when completed!
  • Known as Purification of the Soul, this culminates in the forgiving, clearing, and release of ALL causes, Akashic records, and effects of every life experience both past and present.
  • How to feel whole by learning about the SOUL’s true tripartite (having 3 parts) nature
  • How to communicate with your Soul, its role as your Consciousness Body or vehicle, and its relationship with your I AM Higher Self and the Holy Spirit
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  • AND – how to uncover your loved one’s SOUL CODES to help them too!

“I have had a very difficult past but I have found it incredibly easy to deal with the latest problems having learned Sylvia’s steps of initiation (Soul Codes) and working out the lessons my soul is obviously learning in this lifetime. Rather than getting upset about things going wrong, I was able to just accept it as a lesson for my soul, and stand back and identify what I will be learning from these experiences. Very empowering! Thank you Sylvia!”Aston G

How do we know these SOUL CODES are true and from a Higher Source?

We know because being inherently Universal in their essence, these Truth Principles are fundamental to ALL paths. Every Spiritual tradition, Master and religion teaches some of the 10 Universal Truth Principles! In fact, they are the mystical foundation of all major religions.

Yet none share ALL of them but the 10 are found scattered throughout the various paths, though the biblical teachings of Jesus do allude to many. Some traditions emphasise one or two, for example Buddha in his own words stressed living by ‘right thought, right word, right action’ and the aim of completing karma. Thus they are ultimately unavoidable because they apply to every person, no exceptions.

Sylvia’s 4 decades research has been to make sure all this is correct, and to bring them altogether as one Spiritual foundation that everyone can relate to and apply. Most importantly, she has also been able to validate their life-enhancing results as reported from countless people worldwide with whom she has shared them over the past 30-plus years.

How can YOU now access this priceless knowledge?

  • A life-transforming SOUL CODES seminar is offered when expressions of interest are received, or upon request – contact Sylvia to find out when and where the next one will be ….. or to host one in your area.
  • Or you can have a one-on-one personal Skype or phone SOUL CODES or SOUL PURPOSE and POTENTIAL session (or MENTORING) with Sylviaplease click here for details 
  • Watch out for Sylvia’s new upcoming book, second in her I AM Mastery series, that covers this intensely practical information. Not surprisingly, its working title is:

Why Am I Here? The Soul Meaning of Life
10 Life-Transforming Soul Codes to Wholeness, Joy and Freedom

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