‘OM’ Neshamah Mystery School

 1, 2, or 3 year advanced trainings –

  • Have you reached the point on your Spiritual journey when you’re ready to take your knowledge and understandings to much higher levels? When you’re wishing to discover ALL the missing pieces of your jigsaw so far created from all the various information gathered from books, workshops, websites and other people – and past lives’ progress?
  • Are you ready to take your life experiences to a deeper level of meaning, understandings and mastery? To discover all the facets of what you’ve really come to do and why you are here? To meet members of your special Soul family? To find a better way to serve humanity and the Higher Plan for Consciousness evolution, probably as a leader, Elder, example and teacher?
  • Or perhaps you’re simply ready now to develop your true, Spiritual Self and don’t want to spend more years of scattered seeking, time-wasting dead-ends, or sifting through frustrating conflicting information? Instead, you are now preferring to find the keys that enable you to go straight to the foundation or matrix level of Soul and Enlightened Spiritual consciousness.
  • Or perhaps you’re longing for a way to stay focused on your Spirituality day by day, integrating it into your 3-D life and making it totally practical exoterically, as well as inwardly and esoterically? And longing to really, fully ‘walk your talk,’ so becoming an inspirational example and wayshower, the highest form of service we can offer.
  • Are you ready to ascend into a higher vibration so you’re able to rise above the usual ‘ups and downs’ of life experiences, both your own and those around you or in the world?
Human infused with the Holy Spirit.

This is a magical journey …

The ‘OM’ MYSTERY SCHOOL training is truly a magical journey, magic in the esoteric sense of being totally transformational in all areas of your life. Magic is a Qabbalistic science of mastering hidden causes and hidden relationships, which then transforms your whole being from the inside out!

Knowledge gives you Freedom and Power

This is achieved through the real freedom that the power of right knowledge gives you as you learn to apply it perfectly in your life. Then through your own deep personal insights and revelations which develop through the training, true liberation resulting from your activated inner power becomes possible. 
Always remember, ignorance is not bliss, but …

“Knowledge is power”
“Lack of knowledge is lack of power”

“Knowledge experienced and proved becomes wisdom”
“Wisdom is the principle of Liberation and therefore the greatest wealth.”

Training Overview

In the ageless tradition of all genuine Mystery Schools, a year-long course offers those who are accepted (based upon their consciousness readiness):

  • Five weekend Tutorials that are uplifting, enlightening, energising and inspirational
  • Supported by and reuniting with a small, select group of dedicated, similarly-focused Soul family members
  • A 13-instalment Home Study course which builds upon the Tutorials, giving you regular ongoing techniques and everyday application tools to use that, like any practice, strengthen your ‘spiritual muscles’ and hugely accelerate your progress!
  • One-on-one mentoring by Sylvia
  • Graduation and Certification upon completion

If this is calling you, please contact us for full details, application form, and date of the next intake of students.

Typical of Reports from Graduates:
I can’t tell you how much I’m getting out of the course – I so respect the years of study distilled into your notes. Am halfway through the fourth set of notes, just loving the insights … and the study and having the most amazing responses to my work. It’s most definitely a higher vibration. Your course is proving a blessing in countless ways. Thank you. My life is benefitting from all the deep insights you’re sharing – you’re such a blessing to us all. – Maggie H, Aus/NZ

One of your gifts seems to be that you can troll through information and discern its validity – which is why we keep coming to your seminars! I have found what you teach very helpful in focusing on things that work. – Michael Coddington, NZ

Thanks for another wonderful training – I really feel inspired and connected now! – Helen H, NZ

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