Melchizedek Home Study – 12+1 Instalments course

Have you ever asked yourself ………

  • What can I do day-by-day, month by month, to stay spiritually focused and unlock my highest Potentialities with so many worldly 3-D distractions continually challenging me?
  • How can I live a genuinely spiritual life in a tangible way in the everyday world?
  • What do I need to know and apply in order to understand this life experience and all its challenges – and handle them with greater ease?

Open Book.Answers

Answers can be found in this unique, evolutionary, Divinely-inspired course of priceless revelation and step-by- step, perfectly linked practices. It takes you on a powerful personal journey of rare discovery and self-awareness leading to greater life-mastery, life-healing, fulfilment and spiritual advancement – all in your own time and comfort of your own home!

  • This evolutionary Course is not just about ideas, theories or other people’s beliefs
  • It’s about how you can purify your conscious and subconscious minds, emotions and body while aligning with your Soul’s mission and Higher Self with increasingly effortless ease
  • Practices and use of the Universal principles and their Laws encoded in the Universal Tree of Life, begin to dissolve the often unconscious barriers blocking your potential to embody your spirituality in tangible and practical ways
  • Break-throughs often follow which lead you into deepening levels of true transformation in all aspects of your being
  • This gift to yourself will inevitably become your gift to the world!


Designed as a twelve-month course, you receive by email a monthly, 4-part instalment together with additional information to build your own Resource Library, that you can enjoy, absorb and immerse yourself in at your own convenience!

Soul Investment (Cost):

Only $35 monthly for 12 Instalments, with the 13th Introductory preparation instalment plus six information attachments FREE
or $400 for the whole series prepaid. Further details sent on request. 
Overseas registrants – cost on request. Paypal is available.

Please NOTE:

The year-long Course is created in such a way that you may effectively begin in any month! Choosing to make a year-long commitment gives you the greatest ongoing benefits, because it will give you the time to fully integrate the energies and all the great in-depth information, tools and techniques that are covered. In that time you will also have become much more spiritually self-aware, thus deepening your levels of consciousness. Further information available on request.

Read what others have to say of this extraordinary inner journey!
“I cannot express my thanks to you enough for the good that your work gives. I am so happy with the course. I can’t begin to tell you how it is changing me. My mood has elevated quite a bit – before I had been quite critical and down. My energy was really low too and I just felt so disconnected from everyone and everything before I started the study. I love the way you break everything down and that it is crammed with information but so organized so it’s not overwhelming.” – Gloria, USA

“Thank You so much for those priceless pearls of Divine Revelation, for this privilege of being Your student! I see dramatic changes in my Spiritual walk, as I studied the first installment – never in my lifeI felt such Tangible Presence of God, clarity of mind, freedom, and Spiritual power as I do now!” – Sergey, Russia

“I am writing to thank you for the most marvellous course – doing it has been such a joy. I have had my eyes opened to many things in life. Letting God into my life as I have since starting has been a big turn around for me. I’ve always believed in God but more so now. I am at peace with myself and have learnt how to be calm in certain situations. My life has not been an easy one and there have been some very difficult situations which I feel I can now handle a lot better. I am sixty this year and have finally found something I can understand and enjoy.” – Frank S, USA

“I don’t know where to start on my feelings for the course. This has opened up a whole new world for me. I now have a greater understanding of the universe and of ancient teachings. Meditation was a biggie for me but have now mastered that. I feel I am now appreciating life as a gift and am making different choices in my life. Gosh Sylvia, you have certainly sent me off on a different path and I am so happy to be going there! Thank you so much.” – Andrea S, NZ

“I am quite positive about the very real influence the series has on my day to day life. It forms part of the beginning of each day and further ensures a total focus because the content changes week by week. I have had the privilege to be guided by what you have taught for about 11 years and yet there are often new (for me) angles occurring as I read what I call “handles on life.” – Jan Wulff, Denmark

“I love the course and am learning so much about myself – already I have learnt so much. I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge and practical tools for me to use in my life, all thanks to the course! Thank you for all your loving support and all the best for your future. I am excited about mine.” – Rachel, N

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