SOUL PATH Level 2 and
Ordination into the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood

The planetary Order of Melchizedek Priesthood is a reflection of the Cosmic and Eternal Order of Melchizedek to which Jesus and all Avatars and Masters belong and under which they serve humanity. Click here for Chart of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Completely opposite to most earthly, man-made priesthoods through the ages which have sought power and control over others, the planetary Order of Melchizedek Priesthood is a Fellowship of Elders (a meaning of priest) and Light Servers, who have made a 100% commitment to serve as wayshowers and living examples of selfless, loving service.

The only power it recognises is the power of our Higher Self that we are here to activate and demonstrate for everyone’s highest good. The only control it teaches and encourages is the self-control we undertake to develop as Initiates.

And it is without dogma, creed, or human hierarchy, nor is it connected to any one particular path, -ism, or religion. This is because the Order of Melchizedek has been responsible for seeding all equally.

This is an optional next step of Soul Education training

It is an optional next step open to all Melchizedek Initiates – Graduates of the Levels 1 a & b Soul Path of Ascension. It is for those who feel ready to step more actively into their Self-mastery and Higher Power.

The work previously covered especially the Soul Codes, now goes into much deeper levels of understanding, relating it to the amazingly powerful Universal Tree of Life and western Qabbalah.


The profoundly moving Ordination Ceremony walking the sacred Tree of Life and its ‘Lightning Flash’ path, is the outward expression of one’s inner Holy Ordination and the sacred vows of commitment between oneself and one’s Highest Supernal Self. This physical act established centuries ago is necessary to imprint the highly significant vows into one’s human consciousness.

Each part of the unforgettable, personally-experienced Ceremony has a deeply esoteric and symbolic meaning based upon the Seven Steps of Melchizedek that has been handed down through the true Priesthoods of the Mystery Schools.

Tree of Life symbol.

Revealed in 1998

The format of the outer Ordination Ceremony was re-revealed to me in 1998, and has remained unchanged ever since. When I first received the ‘Calling’ from the Spiritual Hierarchy a couple of years earlier to conduct physical Ordinations, I questioned this extensively. I hesitated for a long time before accepting this unusual and rare assignment, knowing that Ordination always has been – and still is – primarily a deeply personal inner experience.

I eventually accepted this honour with deep reverence and humility, having been reassured that this powerful and sacred task is indeed, part of my Soul Service Blueprint. It was revealed that it is something for which I had been trained and prepared in many previous lives, as well as in this life through decades of intense inner and outer training and Initiations by High Priests of the Order of Melchizedek.

Typical of the immensely moving, profound feelings everyone, without exception at every Ordination, experiences are:
“I experienced such a joy and I felt one with God. The love and energy was so amazing and on a much deeper level than anything else I’ve experienced. I was in bliss, in an altered state of consciousness.”
“On my return to work people have been able to see something different in the way of light being given off and around me. Most are not spiritually aware – yet I have never had so many people comment!”
“Whenever I think about the ordination I still get transported … and the feeling of such love I can hardly describe it. I feel as if I have come home.”
“It was an experience in my life that I will never forget – it was so magical, almost unreal – but I realised that at long last I really did belong. I found out who I really was.”
“I know that becoming a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek is a lifetime and beyond, commitment. I feel excitement, joy and extra strength to carry on my Soul journey on this planet. It is what my Soul has been longing for.”
“The Ordination was magnificent, a most memorable and profound event – magically Divine and perfect!!”
“My ordination and walking the Tree of Life as something special I will always treasure.”

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