Also known as the proven *Neshamah Master Path to ascended 5th Dimensional Freedom, Graduates say this is the Jewel-beyond-price of ALL Spiritual workshops.
Like the ‘Jewel in the Lotus’ that represents the unified aim of purity, love, beauty and profound yet practical Spiritual wisdom and advanced esoteric techniques, this Master Soulshop is like a rare, precious gem.

Its Love-Light Wisdom and resulting Self-Empowerment is based upon the 10 Truth Principles and their Universal Laws unified with the Keys of Michael and Melchizedek. They light up your Path to guide you home to Source, while igniting and expanding the Light of your Soul.

No-one can ascend without them for they unlock the Gates to your Soul and throw open the 5th Dimensional Door to your Higher Self / I AM Doorkeeper of Higher Wisdom.

Spiritual doorway opening.

Most spiritual courses over-promise and under-deliver – but this intensive is a very rare – and precious exception. Sylvia is practical, funny, and illuminating, delivering a phenomenal teaching in a highly understandable way. After the four life-changing days, I felt a clarity and “soul integration” that I’ve been searching for in this – and probably several – lifetimes.
Olivia Stefanino – UK – Author of Be Your Own Guru.

Now in its 21st year, this rare treasure of an unforgettable 4-day highly enlightening journey of self-discovery is like none other anywhere in the world! Spread over two weekends so you have time to absorb and integrate some of your exciting discoveries, insights and tools in between, the days are full yet time flies past amazingly quickly in a very satisfying way.

Life will never be the same again – guaranteed!

This total Melchizedek Master Path experience

being a blend of experiential learning and profound insights that are uniquely personal to you, gives you …….

Stairway to heaven opening up.
  • Illuminating ‘aha’s’ that continue well after the event – in fact throughout the rest of your more enlightened life!
  • These together with insights based on the Ageless Perennial Wisdom teachings, empower you to be able to make sense of your life and handle challenges with more peace, ease and grace
  • Deeply meaningful sacred guided meditations and living with ‘mindfulness’ processes that give you a more powerful conscious connection to your Soul and Higher Self / I AM, and your inner voice of the Holy Spirit’s infallible guidance
  • A subtle merging of right and left brain functions that through neurogenesis, create new neural pathways to accelerate your spiritual progress
  • Your brain’s neuro-biological processes becoming more highly refined and receptive, which begins the transformation of your DNA activity
  • Understandings of how Ancient Wisdom teachings blended with leading-edge scientific findings relate to you, for example: brain and heart waves, epigenetics, light and vibrational science, the Zero-Point-Field, entrainment and interference of quantum physics, etc. expressed in laymen’s terms
  • A much deeper journey and experience into the esoteric/spiritual or mystical side of 3-D living, and ‘secret’ techniques previously unavailable to the public. In today’s language, they provide transformational tools that are intensely practical for modern living
  • A wonderful sense of at last coming home!

Although profound, this incomparable Soul intensive takes you further on your spiritual journey than you’ve ever been before, while being very enjoyable and easily understood.

It satisfies the head, opens the heart, and connects with Spirit and the Higher Mind of Universal Intelligence – Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

“I cannot recommend highly enough this amazing, proven Path of Soul Ascension with Sylvia, a highly dedicated, respected and trained Spiritual teacher with over thirty years’ experience. Not only does it reveal the 10 Soul Mysteries which when integrated, provide the most powerful way to accelerate your Spiritual progress, but it also teaches you how to make sense of life with all its challenges. Understanding of these God-given Secrets of Divine Knowledge enables you to uncover what you personally have come here to do in this lifetime, as well as providing you with a Soul map of your journey home, your destination – how to get there in this lifetime! Ask yourself how many more lifetimes are you going to wait??? I did and now I’m on my way!”Debbie M, NZ

The ladder of meditation leading to enlightenment.

SOUL PATH Level 1a is now available separately!

Introduced in 2017, SOUL PATH Level 1a is the same as the 2-day ‘hands on’ SOUL CODES seminar described previously. Now available separately it stands alone, or participants can choose to continue and complete SOUL PATH Level 1b of Higher Self Initiation.

In the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus Mystery Schools, this practical SOUL CODES teaching dealing with the human aspects of life as a Spiritual being, took several years for Initiates to complete and was known as the Right Eye of Horus training. Until they achieved Self-mastery through in-depth learning and many tests, Initiates weren’t allowed to continue with the deeper spirituality of the Left Eye of Horus Higher Self Initiation training.

Today they are available as this one truly amazing and unforgettable Soulshop for those who feel ready.

The complete Melchizedek Master Soul Path gives you …

As thousands worldwide have already proved for themselves, this Order of Melchizedek MASTER SOUL PATH intensive gives you a sure and direct path based on proven, factual Spiritual foundations – NOT on other people’s beliefs, interpretations or channellings.

Eye of Horus
You also receive …
  • An unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime Initiation into the Order of Melchizedek experience
  • A comprehensive, in-depth information reference Manual
  • A set of Initiation cards for use as regular reminders and a catalyst for further insights
  • Your sacred Initiation Star of Melchizedek
  • A CD of powerful master techniques
  • Graduation and Certification
  • An A – Z metaphysical dictionary-cum-encyclopedia (RRP $35)
  • The invitation to continue later on to Level 2 and Ordination into the Order of Melchizedek Priesthood and Fellowship – if you so choose

Due to the Sacred nature of this Soulshop and individual Soul Codes decryption given to each Light Traveller, numbers must always be limited.
With your commitment to registering for this intensive, your initiation process starts so you may notice aspects of your life beginning to shift – all will become clear during the Soulshop!

How to Register

Applications are accepted based on each person’s readiness for such extraordinary teachings, by asking each applicant in the age-old Mystery School Initiation tradition, to answer the following five simple questions:

  1. What draws you to this training, eg. I feel guided, I have a knowing, certain words resonate, etc?
  2. What do you hope to achieve from it?
  3. Do you sense that you’re here to be a wayshower, perhaps even a leader or teacher of some kind?
  4. What indications of this if any, have you had?
  5. What other trainings, seminars, reading – if any – have you done?

If you feel ready, please email Sylvia with your answers to these questions now.

“It was THE great event of my whole life. Thank you for the most profound experience of my life so far – and the journey continues. Doing the Soul Path was a culmination – I felt all my pieces of the gigantic jig-saw puzzle came together. Your teaching was totally impeccable. I actually felt I was learning what really, finally meant something to me after many lifetimes. I really felt I had come home for the first time in my life.”Sara Reisma, Australia

“It answers so many questions and missing links regarding the bigger picture. I admire your openness and commitment to pass on such valuable information – you are a great teacher Sylvia.” Roswitha Kohler, Germany

“I have never felt so inspired as during and after your seminar. Nothing else has worked until now. I can’t believe the massive changes in my life in such a short time.”  – Peter Felipo, Brazil

Click here for an explanation of *Neshamah

*NESHAMAH – this is the highest operation of our Soul and Higher Self in unity with Divine Spirit.

Neshamah refers to working with the higher understanding and aspiration of our Soul (Ruach) guided by the Higher Love, Consciousness, Wisdom, Understanding and Higher Mind of our Higher Self (or I AM Presence Overself).

In turn, our Higher Mind is in direct contact with the Divine Infinite Mind.
It uses PHOWA (Tibetan) – ‘Consciousness of Light’ – in the context of spiritual communication and conversation with the Holy Spirit, inner Spiritual instructor or emissary of Higher Knowledge.

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