As in any field of interest, there develops a specific vocabulary. In today’s world with so many variations on what we loosely term ‘Spirituality’, many recognise the real need for some guidelines around the meaning of words popularly being used.

I was given the assignment by the Spiritual Hierarchy back in the late 1990’s, to compile a dictionary-cum-encyclopedia of more than 400 important words and terms to help people on their Spiritual path sort fact from misinterpretation. This is because there is widespread misunderstanding, even ignorance, of the meanings of many words and concepts commonly used by the majority of people interested in Spirituality.

It took several years of research and study to do it justice. The meanings given have been collated from their origins where possible, together with reliable esoteric sources both ancient and modern, western and eastern traditions. It is still available from our  Products’ section in book form entitled the “Melchizedek A – Z, Pearls of Spiritual Wisdom Reference Handbook.”

Below is a small collection of words used on this website, to help you make sense of their broader concepts
and meanings. Enjoy!

Age of the Holy Spirit – A term used to explain the higher meaning behind this New Age of the incoming 7th Ray influence, whose goal is for humanity to become Spiritually mature and independent. This can only occur as each person develops their clear, conscious connection and communication with their own still small voice within, the Holy Spirit, so they no longer depend upon outside sources for information and guidance.

Angels – Greek Angelos meaning “Messenger”. Light manifestations of  Higher Consciousness. They are available to assist humans on an individual basis when asked, but cannot grant requests or do things for us.

Archangels – First or Chief Light Beings. Overlighting Angels of higher rank who serve larger areas of human evolution than Angels. An Archangel is likened to an architect of Light who arcs the higher frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness between realms.

Ascended Masters – Having served many incarnations in the physical realm mastering and teaching the Cosmic Truth Principles and their Universal Laws, these Masters both male and female, achieved Soul Ascension and ascended into the higher dimensions. Because of their great Love for humanity they accept missions to return to earth as Ascended Masters to serve as examples of humanity’s Spiritual potential, and to teach the Path of Return and Freedom.
Together they form part of the White Brotherhood and work under the direction of the Order of Melchizedek’s Councils of Light.
Although they have no need for physical bodies, they can project themselves into this dimension when necessary in a recognizable form, usually resembling their last physical incarnation. They are always known for their humility and have no need to say who they are – they simply demonstrate their great wisdom, Higher Consciousness and attributes just as Jesus did. 
In Master Lao Tse’s words: He who knows, tells it not; he who tells knows it not. This truism applies to humans regarding their own level of Spiritual advancement.

Ascension – The re-unification or fusion of the Soul with its higher counterpart and origin, the Higher Self or I AM Presence pre-existent Body of Light. Only then can our Soul-Ascended Self exist in the 5th Dimension. Therefore Soul Ascension is the goal, not the physical body. Soul Ascension becomes possible by completing all three stages of Ascension with its 10 Ascension Steps through Soul Education and Self-Mastery. Once achieved, there is no need to reincarnate in a physical body again having completed what Jesus calls one’s Soul circuitswhich includes all one’s Karma.

Bodies of Light – We have three Light Bodies. The two that we need to understand are the Overself / Higher Self or I AM Presence, and our inner body of Light. 
The Higher Self / I AM is our original perfect Blueprint based upon the original perfect Living Light Code of YHWH / YaHWeH. It pre-exists all our physical incarnations and exists in a higher frequency realm beyond the third dimension. Because it does not directly connect with or enter these lower realms, it emanates a counterpart or reflection, the Soul, which is housed in each body that we require to experience many incarnations in the physical. 
Being obviously complete and fully active beyond and before our physical lifetimes as our perfect Light Matrix, our I AM Body of Light is totally unaffected by any action on our part – the idea of being able to ‘activate’ it is a total contradiction in terms! 
Our inner body of Light however, is under our influence and becomes restored through increasing the Light of our Souls. This occurs as a natural result of mastering the Ascension process.

Channelling – Term used to describe the phenomenon in which a physical person allows themselves to be used as the voice or transmitter for a non-physical entity or energy to communicate with this plane of existence. This in no way implies that channelling is necessarily from a higher or of a Spiritual level. Its use was for the 20th century to break the hold of religious control and dogma, but in this century (see Age of the Holy Spirit) most channelling is made up of unprovable information and promises – and at worst, can even be dangerous. 
This is because today many lower astral levels and sources are being easily accessed by the unwary who do not understand the source levels possible, or the dangers and pitfalls. Knowledge and discernment are the necessary partners of channelling. Without knowledge it is impossible to discern. 
Many well-meaning people excitedly start teaching others what they believe to be true, without doing any study or research to understand what’s going on in the bigger picture. This leaves them open to being used – albeit unwittingly – by the ‘dark forces’ and fallen hierarchy. See explanation under ‘dark forces’ and ‘discernment’.

Christ Consciousness – The state we are all aiming for, of living and being always in a state of Unconditional Love, being Christ-like in every thought, word and action. Mastering this is part of the Ascension Process.

Cosmic or Universal Truth Principles –  Cosmic Truth Principles are Statements of Truth which provide the blueprint of life and creation.  Being Supernal they refer to anything that is inherently incorruptible, perfect, and not subject to interference of any kind.  Cosmic refers to Universal and galactic as opposed to planetary.
The word ‘truth’ means “agreement with reality; actuality; an established fact; the true state of things.” When coupled with the word Supernal its meaning takes on a further level of absoluteness. 
‘Principle’ comes from the Latin root meaning ‘beginning’. Therefore its meanings include “a source, origin; the foundation or basis; that which is fundamental; a fundamental truth or doctrine upon which others are founded or from which they are derived.” A principle gives the ‘something’ behind things, the often deeply hidden foundation that is universal – that is, it transcends culture and geography because it can be applied by and to anyone.
From these meanings we can understand that Supernal Cosmic Truth Principles are eternal and timeless, perfect, immutable or changeless. Though of an origin far beyond our human comprehension, they pertain to ideals which can help us live a deeper and more effective Spiritually-based life. In contrast to our earthly principles they are whole and perfect, and continue working at all times, whether we are aware of them or not. They are unavoidable and forever in action throughout all Creation – and that includes humanity’s Spiritual journeying and evolution of consciousness.

Dark forces and fallen hierarchy – Because this universe is based upon polarity, with the rise in light consciousness across the planet, there has to be a corresponding rise in the activity of the ‘dark forces’ and the fallen hierarchy. When making contact with humans they of course, claim to be enlightened masters or higher beings of the true Spiritual Hierarchy (often using the genuine names or variations), spiritual ET’s, or even light beings. In the “Pistis Sophia” scrolls, Jesus explains the agenda of the ‘dark forces’ and ‘fallen hierarchy’ which is to mislead, delay and prevent humanity’s Spiritual progress and evolution.
One of their main tools to communicate with and influence people, is using well-meaning but unaware channels/channellers. Such channellings keep people busy, involved and entertained with impossible promises, and ultimately useless, unprovable, time-wasting and life-wasting information. This usually includes tools or techniques that only the channel can give – for ‘instant’ Spiritual enlightenment and progress for example. 
One of their biggest ploys is to give people the mistaken idea that ascension can be done for them, or will just ‘happen!’ This keeps the believers unaware of the fact that each person must be willing to do the necessary work themselves, so they can progress to mature Spiritual independence in order to Spiritually evolve.

Discernment – Literally “to discriminate, to judge”. Discernment is impossible without knowledge with which to discriminate. Knowledge is power – lack of knowledge is lack of power. And discernment is never possible when emotions and personal preference become involved. 
The only certain way to discern is through using the combined trinitised action of:
i) the intuitive right brain
ii) checked against the logic and ‘common sense’ of the rational left brain
iii) questioning the Holy Spirit within the heart-Soul centre. 

One of the mistaken beliefs promoted by the ‘dark forces’ is that the left brain activity is somehow ‘bad’ and should be ignored! This means that their implausible scenarios will be accepted without question, even if illogical. Before accepting anything as true, it is wise to question and check it thoroughly first – especially the source level.

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – translates to ‘I AM that I AM’ or ‘I AM what I AM.’  This original Name of Names defines the highest Superluminal, Supernal Light of Creation.

Enlightenment – Literally “to become filled with Light”, meaning the Light of our Soul. The state of Self-Realisation.

Fall – ‘The Fall’ is the term given to denote the beginning of humanity’s illusion that we can be separate from Source, metaphorically described as leaving the Garden of Eden. In this ‘falling asleep’ to our Light origins and potential, humanity has been wandering for centuries in the dark, mostly believing physical bodies and experience are who we are and where we’re destined to stay.

Facts – Literally “a truth; reality, or real state of things not to be confused with beliefs, opinions or statements.” Facts are provable and repeatable.

Fallen Hierarchy – Lords of Light or the ‘dark forces ’ who follow their own will and power instead of the Light, and have their own agenda of trying to prevent humanity’s Spiritual advancement. They often connect with the unaware especially through channelling in order to advance their cause through interference. Please see ‘‘Dark forces’ and ‘Channelling’.

Fifth Dimension – The next dimension beyond this third dimension of matter and fourth dimension of time, to which humanity in the very long-term will ultimately move into. This can only occur upon completion of each person’s Soul Ascension and final physical incarnation, because we can only exist in the 5th Dimension’s high vibrational frequency in energy Bodies of Light, free of the limitation of dense physical bodies and matter.

Higher Mind / Supernal Higher Mind – Light Consciousness in action and the highest Source of known creation. It is also referred to as the Infinite or Universal Mind, or Superconsciousness. YaHWeH / YHWH is the earliest revealed Name of the Intelligence emanated from the Infinite Mind EHYEH ASHER EHYEH, that Created our known universes and earth. The primary frequency and emanation of the Higher Mind is the Superluminal or Living Light. For material creation, it is the Source Matrix, what scientists often refer to as the Field or ZPF – Zero Point Field – from which and in which all matter exists and is interconnected. 
We are connected to the Supernal Higher Mind via our own higher mind of our I AM / Higher Self. The Holy Spirit is our communicating link, because it interconnects all levels – our human mind, Soul, I AM Higher Mind, and Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh.

Higher Plan – The unfolding evolution of humanity’s Spiritual Consciousness through each person’s ultimate Soul Ascension. It is the Order of Melchizedek which instigates and oversees the fulfilling of the Higher Light Consciousness Plan for humanity.

Higher Self – Another name for our I AM, the I AM Presence, Overself – refer to I AM for description.

Holy Spirit – Literally “the  animating, Spiritual Presence” within which interconnects our Soul and Higher Self/I AM. It is the inner Communicator or “the still, small voice within”, our Source of higher understanding, knowledge, discernment and infallible guidance once we learn how to connect with it. Its symbols are flames of Light and the dove.

I AM / I AM Presence – Individualised emanations from the “I AM that I AM”, the highest Name for the Supernal Higher Mind. Our true I AM identity is the Overself Body of Light that pre-exists and is above any influence from our human selves … please see Bodies of Light for description.

Initiations – Steps, stages and Soul tests of Spiritual progress and Self-mastery leading to Liberation. In Spiritual terms, initiation means purification.

Karma – A manifestation of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect which literally means “action”. Everyone is responsible for their actions both in past lives and now – the causes of circumstances and conditions that occur later. This means we have to take compensatory action to permanently clear causes recorded in our Soul, otherwise their effects continue to manifest in our lives. No-one is exempt from this – it is one of the 10 Soul Ascension Steps.

Language of Light or Light Language – the original Light Vibrations of Creation – NOT to be confused with the personal ‘speaking in tongues’ which many today erroneously believe is the same. Genuine, true Language of Light is composed of Sacred Names only found on earth in one of the five ancient Sacred Languages which still carry remnants of the original Living Light Vibrations. Its greatest value and effect comes not from just listening to it, but from learning to vibrate it correctly oneself and activating it by our Higher Self Power, pure intent and visualisations.

Light – there are two kinds of light, the solar light of earth and the Superluminal Limitless Light  Source of Creation. As there is light in everything, we have to know and understand what level we wish to connect with and use – just saying “from or of the light” for example isn’t enough.

Melchizedek – Eternal, Cosmic Light Power and Consciousness known as the Educator of the Soul, and responsible for bringing to this planet the Cosmic Truth Principles and their Universal Laws, the Science of Light and of the Soul. Being part of the Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh way above the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Melchizedek Power is not a Being in the usual sense, and therefore does not connect or communicate with humans. 
A fuller description can be found here.

Miracles – In Spiritual terms, ‘superhuman’ powers and feats that we can learn to manifest through restoring our full and conscious connection with our Higher Self / I AM. Part of this process involves re-activating our Axiatonal lines and grids which have largely been dormant since the ‘Fall’ – and which must be done by ourselves to be effective. 
How to make Miracles a regular habit is fully explained step-by-step in my book The Miracles Effect,

Mystery Schools – please see for a full description here.

Order of Melchizedek – the Eternal, Cosmic overlighting Power in charge of and directing humanity’s Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness and Soul Ascension. All Light Beings and Ascended Masters work under its directive. 
A full description can be found here.

Overself – Another name for our pre-existent Higher Self or I AM Body of Light – see also Bodies of Light and I AM.

Qabbalah – Qabbala – Kabbalah – Cabbala – various transliterations of the Hebrew word ‘QBL’ which means “to receive or obtain”. This vast, all-encompassing body of knowledge incorporating the Tree of Life, was given to humanity so we can understand all Creation, and Soul Ascension – the ‘Way’ home back to Source. 
It obviously could not have been man-made as it predates most traditions, and in fact, provides the mystical foundation of all paths and religions. Therefore found within Qabbalah is a synthesis of all the world’s sacred esoteric knowledge. The western lineage is universal in its application, whereas the Judaic version is specific to that tradition.

Self-Mastery – The result of:

  • self-discipline
  • living above the mass consciousness and negativity
  • control and mastery of our minds – conscious and subconscious
  • our emotions including desires and attachments
  • our physical body and our material world
  • developing our ‘Master Powers’
  • and living in harmony with the Universal Laws

Seventh Ray – The incoming Ray influence of this ‘Now’ or new age, known as the Violet Ray of Synthesis, Order, Magic (Miracles), Transformation and Freedom headed by the Ascended Master St Germain.

Soul – The counterpart or reflection of our Higher Self necessary for experiencing lives in this third dimension. It carries our Akashic Records, the essence of every life we have ever lived which includes our karma, unfinished Initiations, mistaken beliefs and traumatic emotions, all of which dim the Light of our Soul.
It is tripartite in nature and carries the ‘Spark of Supernal Light’ that is our connection with our I AM Presence and which educates the Soul. In turn, our Soul can educate us when we become ready. The Holy Spirit works through and interconnects Higher Self, Soul and mind, acting as their communicating link to our human awareness.

Spiritual Hierarchy – Levels of Supernal Ruling Authority headed by Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh the Creative Light  that includes the Elohim, Light Powers such as Melchizedek and Metatron, Councils and Brotherhoods of Light, Archangels, the Angelic Hosts, and the White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters.

St Germain – Last born in Hungary in the seventeenth century and known as the ‘mystic lost son’ of the Rackoczi royal family, he became an Ascended Master who is now the Head of the incoming 7th Ray. He became known as the ‘Wonder Man of Europe’ and was instrumental in helping or starting movements that benefit humanity over a period of more than three hundred years using the same physical body, a fact which is well documented in many historical documents of Europe and America.
During the last century he was still active – though not usually in physical form except when required – in giving profound teachings and understandings to help those who were/are ready, make quicker Spiritual progress. These teachings include the BOTA Mystery School, the “I AM Discourses”“Soul Education”, and more recently, through the Melchizedek Academy International and its ‘OM’ Mystery School.
My personal connection is mentioned here.

Subconscious Mind – Also called the Unconscious mind, it records every thought, feeling, action and experience of the current life, translating these into programmes without judgement of ‘good or bad’. Like software, these programmes run our lives. At the appropriate times, Soul lessons are brought forward into the subconscious so they can play out in our conscious lives, giving us opportunities to become aware of them so we can handle and clear them – if we so choose.

Supernal – literally celestial; of a higher world; exalted; topmost.

Symbols – Symbols speak a universal language that bypasses the conscious mind. Both Spiritually and mundanely, they represent often large amounts of information, for example, Sacred Geometry symbols – and road signs! Symbolism has been used since earliest times to express Spiritual concepts and principles, especially in the Mystery Schools. Initiates and Priests needed and used them to preserve and pass on Ancient Wisdom and sacred teachings that had to be kept hidden from the ruling churches, as well as from the masses not yet ready for them.

Tree of Life – An extraordinary, visual representation or symbol superbly designed by the Higher Mind to show humanity the Creative Light process, our return path with signposts to guide us back home to Source, and the steps we need to take to get there. It is the hitherto secret mystical teaching of the Order of Melchizedek.

Universal Laws – Practical extensions of Cosmic Truth Principles. Universal Laws are unchangeable and govern every person on earth whether or not we’re aware of them. When we learn how to apply them in everyday living we’re able to manifest whatever we desire or choose. Please refer to ‘Divine Truth Principles’.

Vibration – Energy frequency that is the foundation in scientific terms of all creation, all matter, and that underlies all Universal Laws. Understanding its principles is therefore crucial to success in both. For us as humans, Love is the highest vibration of all.

YaHWeh – YHWH – Known as the Tetragrammaton with one of the highest vibrational frequency we can access, it is the most powerful revealed Name of the Living Creative Light of this known Universe. This powerful Name is coded in our DNA as the original, perfect Light Blueprint of our four nucleotide bases. It also represents the 4 main elements of physical creation – hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon – and the Fire, Air, Water and Earth elements.  Its vibration and depth of relevant meaning assists us in activation of our Master Powers to self-heal and create other ‘miracles’ of every kind.

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