Who will benefit greatly from ‘OM’ International’s Ageless Wisdom-based teachings?

“I have gained enormous spiritual growth from the teachings given me by Sylvia. Many will be helped with the highly relevant, practical and proven to work information and techniques that she is able to offer. Sylvia has a gift of being able to greatly enhance people’s quality of life as well as empowering them to make miracles a habit as I have personally experienced many times since practising her teachings.
She is a gift to humanity and her teachings are for the masses, not the very few.”Dr Adam S

Our teachings are also specifically for …….

  • Discerning Spiritual Truth-Seekers
  • Dedicated Spiritual Wayshowers who know we can only help by our example of living in a more enlightened way
  • Present and future Leaders, Elders, teachers, healers
  • Facilitators and wellness practitioners wishing to expand their own understandings in order to enhance and support their work and clients
  • Anyone ready to step into and develop their own limitless inner power and potential, and become Self-masters
  • All who have a genuine desire for real, practical knowledge and ‘how to’s’ for living their Spirituality and ‘walking their talk’
  • Old souls and all who are ready to take the next quantum leap in their own Soul Evolution
  • Those who want to make a positive difference in their own lives, thus making a positive impact helping many others during these times of immense change.

YOU are needed if you feel ready – for together we make a difference … we co-create humanity’s evolution of Spiritual Consciousness. Is it time for you to shine?

“Self-conquest is the greatest of victories.” —  Plato

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