The Eternal and Cosmic Order of Melchizedek

What is its relevance and importance today?

Older than this Universe, the Order of Melchizedek is in charge of humanity’s Spiritual Evolution of Consciousness.

It is the Higher Consciousness ‘umbrella’ plan beyond all human understanding and interpretations, responsible for providing the driving force that ensures the unfolding of the greater Plan for humanity to spiritually evolve.

  • The Order directs and oversees the Spiritual awakening and advancement of ALL Spiritual beings.
  • The Order of Melchizedek directs each Soul’s Ascension.
  • Every person is under its influence and responds to its Spiritual Impulse whether or not we know about it.
    Like gravity, it simply is.
  • As the Order of Light and Unifiers with its single Law of Oneness and Unity, it is the matrix or foundation of the mystical teachings underlying all spiritual paths and religions.
    Being an Order of Light, just as light can be refracted into countless colours so its Source Wisdom can be seen ‘refracted’ in the diversity of presentation and interpretations of world religions, traditions and paths.
  • It has seeded all spiritual paths and traditions through sending its High Priests such as Jesus, to give humanity guidelines on how to live in order to eventually return home to Source. Therefore, as the originating, overlighting Spiritual Education and Soul Light Consciousness for this Universe, it’s obviously not aligned with any one path or –ism!
  • The Melchizedek Light Power is the Educator of the Soul working through our I AM Presence or Higher Self. Our Higher Self educates our Soul, which in turn will educate and guide our life experience once we reach the level of consciousness of choosing to work on our Spiritual advancement
  • This 21st Century is beginning to see the long-prophesied Order of Melchizedek’s visible return. This was predicted by the Cathars in 1266 before they were exterminated by the Catholic Church …
    Read the Cathar Prophecy here.
  • The shifts of energy and consciousness taking place worldwide evidence the Order’s increasing influence.
  • Its symbol is the 6-pointed Star, the Star or Seal of Melchizedek and of Solomon representing “As Above, So Below.”
  • Universal Tree of Life
    The hitherto secret mystical teachings of the Order of Melchizedek are based on the Principles encoded in the Universal Tree of Life that explain and encompass the Spiritual Hierarchy, Creation, and our Soul’s journey back home to Source.
    Being universal, its vast field of profound yet highly practical and relevant knowledge empowers everyone no matter their culture or belief system. It is explained through the Living Qabbalah which again is universal in its application. The name Qabbalah (also spelt Kabbalah, Cabbala, Qabala) means received wisdom, Wisdom originally received from Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh – I AM that I AM – to help humanity evolve.
Pink Hexagram
Tree of Life image

Visual Summary

One of our talented ‘OM’ Mystery School Graduates created an excellent visual summary of the all-encompassing Order of Melchizedek influence and directive Consciousness in the form of a ‘Mind Map!’
View the map here.

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