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Can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’ in the forest of the many spiritual ideas, teachings and ‘myth-understandings’ around today?
Imagine how wonderful to finally find easily-understood answers in time-proven Ancient Wisdom secrets and modern SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, with masterful tools and techniques to guide you. 

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This practical, friendly online seminar series and conference presentations shares such information distilled from Sylvia’s life-long study, multi-dimensional experiences, and her direct Higher Mind revelations. 

“Wonderful information! Love it!” – Greg B

“You’re a natural speaker and presenter Sylvia.  I love how (this and others of) your videos/webcasts show what a genuine, loving being you are and always willing to share your knowledge.  It’s no wonder you and Dr Wayne Dyer were good friends – sincere to the bone, both of you.” – Nancy Hayden

Spiritual Mastery & Transformation – Spiritual Science Series

1  –  Your Multi-Dimensional Higher Self

Understanding your Higher Counterpart and Blueprint, your HIGHER SELF, also known as I AM OVERSELF or 5th DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BODY, is the first essential step of your Spiritual Transformation journey.
It provides your direct link with Source, and as your command centre it’s your only source of Higher Knowledge and Power, Inspiration and Perfection – and also your ongoing Soul journeying destination.
Proven Ancient Wisdom explains this foundation of your whole Spiritual progress, and how the LIGHT BLUEPRINT is encoded in your DNA. In this video Sylvia also shares the powerful I AM DECREE.

2  –  Tapping Into Your Soul Guidance

As a Spiritual Being in human form, knowing your Soul’s origin, how its 3-parts and your Light Spark function gives you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your life’s bigger picture. Sylvia covers all this and more from the UNIVERSAL QABBALAH teachings including how your Soul communicates.

Your Soul’s guidance and Akashic Records provide a map and signposts for your personal Spiritual Journey back to Source so you can avoid going round in any more circles or down more dead-ends! 

3  –  Activating Your Holy Spirit ‘Hot-Line’ To Your Higher Self!

The ‘still small voice within’ or Holy Spirit is the 100% reliable Highest Source of your inner guidance, information and comfort.  The interconnecting link and communicator with the Higher Mind, it always works through your personal Higher Self/IAM Counterpart.

Establishing a clear connection means you can have ‘conference calls’ with both your Higher Self and Soul, and discover for example, what your Soul Path, Purpose and Mission are for this lifetime! 

Learn how your 3 minds work together, how to know if you’re really connecting with the Holy Spirit, and ways to question so it’s easy to receive clear answers.

4  –  Your Ascension Journey

“This is one of the clearest and most ‘down to earth’ discussions on ascension I’ve heard yet! Much gratitude to Sylvia for sharing. I’m thankful I’ve found this channel.” 

Ascension is the destination of our Soul’s many journeyings – and where we’re all heading – eventually!
Learn exactly WHAT ascension really is – how to tell if you’re ascended, what it and the 5th Dimension really look like – and popular myth-understandings which stop any progress in its tracks!
This ascension information is not just belief or channelled, but is based upon:   i) Sylvia’s own multi-dimensional experiences   ii) actual proof we have available   iii)  and the main proven  characteristics of being re-united with our ascended 5-D  I AM Light Body. 

5  –  10 Melchizedek Master Ascension Keys

Ascension is ongoing action of SOUL EDUCATION through an ACTIVE PROCESS of 10 Master Keys or Principles which give us a personal MAP – a Melchizedek Ascension Process.  Received by Sylvia in 1993 from St Germain, all Ascended Masters including Jesus taught these Divine Principles to guide us on our Spiritual journey back to Source via our I AM Higher Self Counterpart.  

These keys are encoded in the UNIVERSAL TREE of LIFE. Sylvia gives an overview of several, some of which she learned from direct multi-dimensional experiences.  She also shares a few profound yet simple Ascension techniques to begin applying in your everyday life NOW.

6  –  Your 3 Light Bodies & Light Language – their connection & uses

Learn little-known Ancient Wisdom origins of your 3 Light Bodies – yes, you have not just one but 3! – and their inter-connection with the true Language of Light so you can understand them all better. Only with this understanding can you use them effectively to ‘catapult’ yourself to higher reaches of your Spiritual Ascension journey!

Sylvia takes you through Higher Light techniques including your personal Light Body and Light Language experience so they become very real for you!

Wisdom sourced from ancient texts such as the Pistis Sophia (from the Nag Hammadi library) of Jesus’ advanced teachings to his disciples after His ascension, makes clear the true meaning of His statement – the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE!

7  – Higher Language Of Light Codes

What actually IS the Language of Light?  How can we know?   Why is it called a Language – and of Light?   What’s it for?  How can we use – or misuse it?
What are its codes?  Some basic understanding of this Spiritual Science is necessary so the Language of Light’s amazing Power can be unlocked – and used as the most powerful tool available to accelerate our Spiritual progress and ascension, our DNA-RNA upgrading, our whole life!
Acting rather like a Divine RNA ‘messenger’ it helps to expand our consciousness and enhance our wellbeing on all levels from Spiritual to mental to physical.
This is one of humanity’s greatest practical gifts of Love-Light for us to use while here while in the third dimensional form – truly a wonderful reflection of AS ABOVE, SO BELOW in action!

2016 One-Light New Consciousness Presentation

In this revealing webinar Sylvia explains how the LIGHT of CREATION (Ain Soph Aur) is extended into the non-local ZPF (Zero Point Field) ‘ocean of light’ or Quantum Field.
Using the ancient symbols of the original Universal LIGHT ALPHABET of Creation known as the Flame Alphabet, she traces the first Primal Cause Substance extending into the four chemical elements of physical creation, the essential components of life  – and via our LIGHT BODY BLUEPRINT into our DNA!
The relevance of this fascinating Spiritual Science to our everyday lives is using our pre-existent 5th Dimensional LIGHT BODY of condensed Supernal Light to activate our Quantum Powers and potential for miracles of self-healing, mastery, ascension – even fail-safe manifestation!

Axiatonal Lines Self-Activation Restoration Process

The Axiatonal Lines Self-activation and Grids Restoration process (described in Chapter 10 of my book The Miracle Effect) has long-term and permanent effects of restoring your full Higher Power flow from your I AM Higher Self. 

Having your dormant Higher Potential Source ‘powered up’ and fully operational gives you effortless and limitless abilities as you will discover for yourself.  These include wonderful inspirations, illuminations, ‘downloads’ of understandings, Self-healing ability, guidance, and how you may best serve and fulfil your Soul Purpose and Mission for this lifetime for example. (In my book I give you a quick maintenance process that only takes seconds each day – once you’ve thoroughly integrated the whole process as described!)

4th SOUL CODE – Manifesting Mastery Tools, Techniques & Strategies


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