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Ancient Secrets – Modern Wisdom

“Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge is lack of power …”

At the request of the Spiritual Hierarchy and under the direction of the Order of Melchizedek, I established an Academy of Light in 1996 as part of the prophesied worldwide network. The original name I was given was – and still is – the Melchizedek Academy of Soul Education International, or MAI, because it reflects precisely what Melchizedek, Educator of the Soul, and the Order represent.

‘OM’ – The Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Melchizedek is the Order of Light, Knowledge, and Soul-focused Teaching Intelligence governing and guiding the Spiritual Consciousness evolution of humanity. As such, it has seeded all the world’s great Spiritual traditions through sending High Priests of the Order throughout history – Jesus for example (who was a High Priest as stated in the scriptures) – to help humanity’s progress. As the originating, overlighting Spiritual Education and Soul Light Consciousness for this Universe, it’s obviously not aligned with any one path or –ism!
This obvious Source unity of all Spirituality is wonderfully demonstrated in the example of the Golden Rule which is found in sacred texts both east and west.

As an international planetary teaching extension of the Order, MAI’s primary function is to make more widely known and available the guiding Melchizedek Consciousness which accelerates our Soul advancement while transforming our everyday life.
Igniting and expanding the Light of our Soul is the foundation of all Spiritual evolution, no matter what terminology is used in the numerous traditions.
Light is an emanation of Love – and Love powers Light.

“The life story has to be about your high and low points, your challenges and your values, I’ve really became aware how much the spiritual healing and awareness we were taught by Spirit and the Melchizedek teachings.  They have had a lasting effect on my life and I have grown through and because of them.  So I really thank you for bringing the Melchizedek teachings out in the world, for allowing Spirit to work through you so that we could learn and become aware as well, thank you, I salute the Christ in you!”  – Marijke


Fast forward ten years when a number of students began asking for more in-depth levels of knowledge and Self-transformational techniques, and so evolved the MAI extensions of –

  • OM ‘Neshamah’ Mystery School for the 21st Century as a University for the Soul  (OM Advanced Training)
  • Melchizedek Home Study Course  (Home study)

See description under Teachings.


Fast forward to 2013 when I received the suggestion from the Holy Spirit to expand the teachings to include reference to today’s scientific insights and research that explain and underly this ageless wisdom.

‘OM’ International

Enter ‘OM’ International. As with all genuine Spiritual teachings, the Universal Truth never changes, only its presentation, hence our explanatory sub-title of Ancient Secrets – Modern Wisdom.

As a Keeper of the Perennial Wisdom, ‘OM’ International’s teachings of Life and Soul Sciences including applied neuroscience, serve the Higher Plan for humanity. For every person born, this goal is of ultimately re-uniting the Soul with its higher counterpart and originator, our Higher Self or I AM Presence Overself Body of Light.
This is the original meaning of Soul Ascension.

Holy Spirit descended in form of a dove.


Each one of us can – and will – achieve this ultimately in some lifetime, through:

  • Heart-centred integration of our three bodies, three minds and Tripartite Soul, through conscious connection with our Higher Self, one of our three Light Bodies that is pre-existent to incarnating
  • Self-mastery on all levels, and activating our latent Master Powers as Spiritual Beings having a human experience
  • Living and mastering the all-encompassing, unavoidable 10 eternal Universal Truth Principles that make up the Tree of Life, the mystical teaching of the Order of Melchizedek. We’re all here to master these when we’re ready – one of them for example, is learning to actively demonstrate living LOVE every day in every situation, as an expression of the Higher Self in human form.


Fast forward once again to 2017 with the Holy Spirit’s suggestion that it’s now time to re-present and re-format some of the priceless Melchizedek Soul Education teachings in a fresh, innovative form that’s relevant to today’s Spiritual Seekers with their super-busy lives!

As a result, our Soul Path experience now in its 21st year globally, is newly available in two parts a) Soul Codes, and b) Higher Self Initiation (see its description under Teachings). This means that you now don’t have to do both levels together as previously. You can still benefit hugely from taking Level 1 a) as a ‘stand alone’ seminar that answers “Why Am I Here?” and “What Have I Come to Do?”

Jumping for joy.

Our Logo

OM International logo - MAI.

I received this beautiful symbol to use as the Logo for my own Soul Ascension Education teaching work, and for the MAI. It is the symbol of our ultimate Spiritual Evolution goal of Soul Ascension.

The Ankh is the symbol of the Key of Eternal Life, or the Cross of Life, transcending the Christian cross of physical limitation, suffering and death. Its upper part represents the ‘doming’ of our pre-existent Overself Body of Light with our Soul, leading to the re-unification or fusion of the two – Soul Ascension. This is dependent upon becoming Christ Conscious through unconditional Love, depicted as rays of Love-Light radiating from the heart.

The six-pointed star is the Star Seal of Melchizedek and the Seal of Solomon, the origin of its usual later connotation as the Star of David. It represents the ageless description of As Above, So Below, symbol of the fusion of Spirit with matter.

The specific colours used are the blue of the Order of Melchizedek, and the violet of the incoming 7th Ray of Synthesis, Freedom, and Transformation.

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