‘OM’ International is Uniquely Different

What makes it different is that being Higher Mind-guided, it never promises or even suggests the ‘fast food’ delusions of instant enlightenment, consciousness or ascension – or short-cuts, easy ‘quick fixes’ by something or someone else!

We KNOW the Truth of – and follow – the three unchanging directives that all Ascended Masters, Adepts, Sages, and illumined teachers have always emphasized. These help us avoid wasting our precious life and time, even another whole lifetime …

Three Spiritual Facts

  1. There is no short-cut to spiritual growth, no instant enlightenment possible, no ‘fast-food’ for Soul Ascension! Enlightenment and wisdom cannot be taught, only knowledge which then has to be applied, practised and experienced until you prove it for yourself as being valid, valuable and true. Thus we’re advised to become ‘Spiritual Scientists!’ Teachings of sacred Ancient Wisdom knowledge are time-proven and unfailing as they are based on immutable Universal Truth Principles and Laws, as opposed to popular new age spirituality based which is based on other people’s beliefs, interpretations or channellings.
  2. No-one else can do it for you. Absolutely nothing outside of you, can do it for you! And that includes such popular new age fantasy techniques such as rays, templates, codings, downloads, DNA and/or Light body activations, misnamed light language, alignments and dates, entities etc. – in fact, ANYthing that claims to do it for you, with little or no effort on your part! Spiritual progress and Soul Ascension can only occur as a natural result of your own self-awareness, self-work, self-mastery and Higher Self/I AM empowerment.
  3. Spiritual and Soul evolution only comes from a conscious choice that is acted upon. Certainly, everyone will eventually return ‘home’! But that will happen only when each person wakes up- just like you who are reading this – and then takes conscious action.
    Today’s challenge is ……. how many more lifetimes do YOU want to wait!

‘OM’ International’s Soulshops are Uniquely Different …

because during them, the Holy Spirit works through Sylvia so each person receives the highest level of information and understanding they can absorb, and the most powerful triggers for their ongoing insights.

In practical terms, our Soulshops achieve this through giving you …

  • In-depth explanations and information that weave together all you’ve learned so far, so at last you’ll be able to tie up your loose ends!
  • Instruction and guidance where interaction and questions are welcomed, leading to higher states of consciousness
  • Clear and practical ‘how to’s’ that empower you to move from concepts to successful application
  • Ways to live in a ‘Mindful’ state so your Higher Self and Soul can guide you
  • Higher insights, vibrational frequencies and energies through multi-dimensional meditations and processes
  • Proven tools, techniques and understandings that continue accelerating your Spiritual progress long after each session
  • Certification and Graduation as appropriate
Hexagram in Seed of Life image.

Step by step

Our Soulshops make this possible by taking you step by step through such very practical topics as:

  • Integrate all levels of being – spiritual, mental, subconscious, emotional and physical
  • Transform your personality by mastering your ego and its reactive nature as ‘recovering egoholics!’
  • Master powers both within and without, healing the split between who you are on the inside and what you express on the outside
  • Complete your ancient karma and release 3-D ties in preparation for stepping off the wheel of reincarnation, thus making the very best use of the rest of this incarnation!
  • Become Soul-infused and ultimately living Christ Consciously in unconditional Love

Quite a challenge you might say! Yes, but believe me it’s not an arduous process if you’re given the tools to help you understand yourself and what ‘makes you tick!’

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