Mystery Schools

What is a genuine *Mystery School?

  • A genuine Mystery School is part of an ancient lineage whose sole purpose is to preserve and pass on the original Ancient Wisdom and Truth Principles or Precepts, as they were revealed to Enlightened Beings such as Avatars and Masters who have been sent to earth to help humanity awaken to the Truth of Being
  • In a nutshell, this ageless knowledge that is universal, without dogma or human invention, helps serious discerning seekers who are ready for the daily discipline of transforming themselves to experience the answers to all life’s mysteries
  • Only then can we move beyond just lip-service that we’re SPIRITUAL beings having a human experience

*Mystery in this context refers to a level of understanding.


This is achieved by transcending the 3-D mind with everyday mindful awareness, and learning to live outside and above the mass consciousness as an enlightened example.
Genuine Mystery School teachings based upon Ancient Wisdom of verifiable origin and lineage, can be relied upon 100% – anything and everything else is based upon other people’s interpretations and beliefs! This Higher Consciousness is often called Illumination or Enlightenment.

Road leading into misty distance

This is what a true Mystery School does

  • It breaks down the necessary Universal Principles into simple-to-understand steps which you can gently incorporate into your daily living
  • It gives you the firm foundation necessary to expand your consciousness safely
  • And once you embark on what has always been known as the Path of Freedom or Return (which is the journey within) or just simply ‘The Way’, you find such wonderful love, support, joy, inner peace, freedom, incredible fulfilment and experiences that you just couldn’t imagine living without!
  • It goes beyond just teaching. You begin to make sense of life and your personal Soul journey by uncovering answers to humanity’s perennial questions of:
    Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Why is this or that ‘happening’?
  • What a relief! Life takes on a whole new meaning, a purpose which is exciting and fulfilling. You discover how life operates!
  • No longer do you feel a helpless victim of circumstance, no matter what is happening around you and in the world. You begin to realize that there is a Higher Order and Justice in operation at all times throughout this world and universe despite appearances to the contrary, and that there is a Unity Consciousness, a Oneness of purpose for all creation.
Pythagoras mystery school

Pythagoras, founder of
an early Mystery School

Mystery Schools’ beginnings

How did this lineage of western Ancient Wisdom begin? In earliest times, humanity’s first true spiritual teacher who was known as Melchizedek or Melchisedec, the “King of Righteousness,” brought the Light of sacred knowledge which was passed on through the Temples of Love and Light of Atlantis.

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