The Melchizedek Mystery

More and more people today are responding to a deep inner Soul yearning to remember and find who we are, why we are here, and where we are going. This leads us wanting to become aware of our Soul’s path, the only way to restore and integrate our Soul’s perfection. So what is triggering this ‘inner discontent?’

It is the Melchizedek Consciousness overlighting and guiding us all to awaken. Yet there is so little known about this ancient and ageless Power, whose name in its original Hebrew translates as Sovereign or King (Melek or Melchi) of Righteousness (Zedek), meaning the right use of consciousness.

What Melchizedek is not!

Let’s start with what Melchizedek is not. ‘He’ is not an angel or even an archangel. He is not the founder of a religion or -ism. He is not an Ascended Master. He is not anyone’s guide or guru. He is not nor ever was human in the usual sense.
So what on earth is he – or she?
‘On earth’ is the only way we humans are able to relate to something beyond our normal perception or understanding, having as yet little memory of what is beyond this physical experience. Yet ‘on earth’ does give us some clues within a clue. There is only one mention and record of this Energy or Being of Light appearing in a human form on earth, and that is in the Bible during the time of Abraham.

What Melchizedek IS

But even for Bible scholars this in itself creates a challenge, because it says in Hebrews 7: 3: Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.

So what on earth does this tell us? If he was without human parents, wasn’t born into a body, didn’t die …. was he human? We could safely assume that he most definitely was not! So he must have simply materialised on earth, and presumably dematerialised or disappeared when his work was finished. Was he perhaps using a Light body form? We will never know, and yet it doesn’t really matter. What does matter in this mystery is why this Being appeared, and what result and legacy this Priest King Melchizedek left for humanity.


He was known as the King of Peace and established the eternal Priesthood of Melchizedek on earth under which Jesus lived and worked as stated five times in the Bible. Up until that time there had only been man-made Levitical Priesthoods which still exist today.

Educator of the Soul

According to such sources as the Pistis Sophia scrolls of the resurrected Jesus’ advanced teachings, and The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by Professor J.J. Hurtak, Melchizedek is known as the Educator of the Soul. No doubt this is why we are probably recognising the Melchizedek Consciousness energy at our Soul level rather than intellectually.

Our Soul is the ‘real’ or immortal part of ourselves which is evolving to ever higher states of consciousness through countless lifetimes. It is housed in the temple of the body, which lasts for only a matter of years, and is then changed for each incarnation just as we change our clothes. So Melchizedek’s realm of Cosmic responsibility is concerned not with our temporary bodies, but with the ‘real’ part of us and whatever promotes the Soul’s growth and evolution.

Eternal Cosmic Lord of Light

He is referred to as an eternal, cosmic Lord of Light, and being eternal he has existed in the very highest realms of the Spiritual Hierarchy long before humanity was created. Melchizedek is also said to be sovereign over all powers and galactic universes which are beyond our present level of understanding.

Rather a mind-boggling concept and one which is so vast when you consider that we don’t even fully understand our own universe, and as yet we have only scant knowledge of other galaxies. He is therefore so far removed from our human experience, way beyond even the Ascended Masters, that it’s almost impossible for us to comprehend! Click here to view the Spiritual Hierarchy Chart.

View of a galaxy.

Does Melchizedek directly communicate with us?

To bring this mystery into human terms so we can appreciate this cosmic scale a little better, I was given the analogy of a vast, not multi-national but multi-universal and multi-galactic company or network concerned with promoting Spiritual evolution through Soul education, or as some texts call it, the educating Science of the Soul. With branches not only across our planet, imagine this company or to use a more correct term hierarchy, with branches on countless other planets in countless other universes.

The cosmic chairpersons of this huge network are Melchizedek, Metatron and Archangel Michael with the ‘Head Office’ in the highest dimensions, or with Source, whatever term suits you to use. Just as in an extremely tiny, by comparison, international company, the chairperson does not communicate directly with members on a personal level but through a chain or levels of command.

From this we can conclude that Melchizedek will not and does not need to communicate directly or personally with us either. Yet what is termed the Melchizedek Consciousness is surely passed on to the myriad universes and planets from the higher realms through the Order of Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek is the Order of Light, the Order of Soul Education Teaching and Teachers governing the spiritual evolution of humanity.

White Brotherhood

As confirmed in the Bible, this in turn is brought to this earth plane through High Priests of the Order of Melchizedek. These include the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood (White referring to Light), all the great Avatars, teachers, sages and masters who have come to earth at different times and in different cultures to help show us the way home to Source.

From their teachings and example have sprung all the earth’s great spiritual traditions, mystery schools and religions, all seeded by the same fundamental Cosmic Truth Principles and Universal Laws translated through the Melchizedek Consciousness. Jesus is an obvious example and part of his mission was to re-establish the Priesthood of Melchizedek on earth.

Melchizedek Consciousness

This is still what true Melchizedek teachings today are all about, and indeed what all genuine Spiritual paths teach although couched in their own particular terms. Their common themes teach all-encompassing unconditional Love, of each other and all life-forms, and the reverence, unity and inter-connectedness of all life.

All in their own way help us to get to know our Higher Self or I AM Presence. And all such worthwhile traditions teach our unity with each other and with the Holy Spirit’s Presence within, Melchizedek’s Law of Oneness in action.


This leads us to develop our connection with the still small voice within known as the Holy Spirit, to guide us. All traditions teach us how to live what Lord Buddha called the path of right thought, right word, right action. Knowledge of the Universal Laws is essential for this and leads us to self-mastery. The widespread recognition in recent years that such Laws not only exist but determine the quality and experiences of our lives, is more evidence of the very active awakening influence of the overlighting Melchizedek Consciousness today.

Part 2 – Greater In-Depth Understandings of Melchizedek

Upon receiving the inner direction in the mid-nineties to start using the name Melchizedek, I first did as much research as possible before doing so, just to make sure that my teaching and writing work was in fact in alignment with what this ancient name really embodies. Even though my own earlier inner planes training in the early 1980’s introduced me to the Melchizedek Consciousness I felt that this wasn’t enough on its own, thus starting my extensive research and study into this subject which continues to this day.

So I would like to expand the exploration of who and what Melchizedek actually is and is not, essential information of vital importance which you can now verify for yourself, in the understanding of this extraordinary concept.

Whole Light Power

To reiterate, occult study shows the name Melchizedek certainly does not refer to a physical being who has ever incarnated, or even a Master, being far far beyond that level in the Spiritual Hierarchy, i.e. the Powers behind the governing realms of the Cosmic Light, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. Rather it refers to a Power, Principle, a Power of Light from the Higher Heavens which is the region of Light Beings, Archangels and other Powers of Higher Authority like the Councils of Light.

Thus Melchizedek is a Whole Light Being whose title according to the Ascended Jesus in his teachings found in the Pistis Sophia scrolls (I:25 on), is the Paralemptor (Receiver) of the Light of Souls, and the purifier of the Light that “seals the soul and leads it to the Treasury of Light.”

Original Light Power

It is recognized therefore that Melchizedek existed well before recorded human history, has always been, and still is in charge of Soul and consciousness Evolution on this and other planetary systems. It’s clearly obvious that Melchizedek was an ‘original’ Power in the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy of Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, so it’s hardly feasible that this Power would take on the role of some other lesser being.

Nor could it be feasible that any human here in the lowest physical realm could ‘channel’ such Power! Only the Ascended Masters of the White Brotherhood and beyond could have the capability of connecting directly with the Melchizedek Consciousness.

Melchizedek was therefore humanity’s first true Spiritual teacher. We are taught through the influence and outpouring Consciousness of Melchizedek who brings Light into these lower realms. This enables us to expand out of darkness – which can only happen as we expand our love.

The love in our Souls manifests as Light. This then allows us ultimately to assimilate greater Love – Light to balance and harmonize the energies of our life force. This is the only way we can overcome the thresholds of physical, third-dimensional limitation.
Thus the Power of Melchizedek and the Christ strive to help us expand the Light of our Souls.

Science of the Soul

What does this mean in simple terms? To state it briefly, through the Melchizedek influence human Souls are educated via their Higher Selves / I Am Presences by the teaching of Cosmic, Universal Principles. In turn, when we reach a high enough level of consciousness, our Souls are then able to ‘educate’ us. Thus Melchizedek has since ancient times been assigned the purpose and title of the Educator of the Soul, bringing the ‘science’ of Light to this planet.

It goes without saying then, that those calling themselves Melchizedekians or indeed anyone or any system, method or teaching to be genuinely associated with the name Melchizedek, would have to be concerned primarily with Soul education and purification. Such Soul progress will lead eventually to Self-mastery, enlightenment and the ascension or unification of our Soul with its originating I AM Presence or Overself Body of Light.

This Soul reprogramming and ascension of consciousness is achieved only through the knowledge and practice of Cosmic Principles, Universal Laws, clearing of past life and karmic effects, purification of the subconsciousness and Soul, completing and/or healing ‘unfinished Soul business’ and the science of Light and Vibration which includes of course, alchemical practices and physical transformation.

Teacher of Abraham

Although able to manifest as form in the time of Abraham in order to teach the Universal Truth Principles and Laws, form is most definitely secondary to who or what Melchizedek truly is. You will remember that the name certainly cannot refer to a person or human being which is clearly shown in Hebrews 7: 3 of the Bible.

Melchisedec/Melchizedek taught Abraham. We know this because Abraham gave him tithes or homage. The original meaning of tithing is to give a portion of one’s goods or income to the source of one’s Spiritual knowledge. The fact that Abraham is the Patriach or founding father of the three greatest world religions of Judaism, Christiantity and Islam, clearly demonstrates the unity of their Source.

Order of Melchizedek

The Bible also states several times (Hebrews 6:20, 5:6,10 and 7:17, 21) that Jesus was made an high priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec. To quote Manly P. Hall in his definitive work The Secret Teachings of All Ages, the words ‘after the order’ make Jesus one of a line or order of which there must have been others of equal or even superior dignity. From these references alone, it’s obvious then that Melchizedek was the head or superior of an order of Light and Supernal, invisible priesthood, as opposed to the many later man-made ones we are more familiar with.

Most importantly, this also indicates that Melchizedek far precedes in both time and origin, later Masters and nomenclature. More relevant references to Melchizedek’s role can be seen from the Gematria connections of the whole name Melchizedek, which according to Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia relates it to the Hebrew terms that refer to: i) the greater Light, and ii) the God of Abraham. Both of these confirm what Melchizedek represents according to the earliest known scrolls and texts.

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