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If you would like to help spread our Self-empowering message far more widely thus helping many more around the world live happier and more fulfilled, meaningful lives – then we’d love to hear from you!   Everything has a flow-on effect like ripples on a pond, and so contributes to the Higher Plan for humanity’s evolution of Spiritual awareness which will ultimately result in a more loving and peaceful world. 

Becoming connected by joining our ‘Keeping in Touch Email Community’ and inviting friends to join is a fantastic help!  If you’re on Facebook then simply sharing any of my posts that resonate with you to all your friends is also very effective.  Similarly, going to my page and adding your ‘LIKE’ and also clicking ‘Follow’ helps let others know what you are finding useful.

You are also invited to help through donations – no matter how small they’re most welcome as they all add up!  Other ways are through project sponsorship, or support skills and resources especially in the marketing arena – not my area of expertise!   Any kind of help you care to give will go solely to these aims, or you may wish to specify what area you’d love to support.

For example, this year’s projects to help get the uplifting message ‘out there’ are:

  1. I’ve been invited to host my own hour-long radio program which will go out twice monthly on OM TIMES RADIO. This is listened to monthly by around half a million people from around the globe but with 55% from the USA which has the biggest population interested in Spiritually-based self-help.  This will cost approximately NZ$250 a month.  I understand this is one of the most popular ways to reach people these days.
  2. The second project is Book 2 in my I AM Mastery series which goes into the questions that have puzzled humanity for eons – like “WHY AM I HERE” “What’s the meaning of life”  “Do I have a Soul Purpose?”
    It will detail the Universal Truth Principles underlying SOUL CODES, that give the answers and result in anyone feeling more whole and complete, joyful and contented, free to tap into and manifest their huge potential as spiritual beings having a human experience.  It will also give clear instructions on how to uncover through the readers own personal Soul Codes encrypted at birth, what their Soul wants them to know and work on in this life.  This technique will also enable people to help their loved ones understand their Soul Purpose better too.  The content is outlined in the Teachings section.
  3. The third project is a delightfully illustrated book for children that reinforces all the values we wish our own and our grandchildren to understand and live day by day. It’s also about their I AM Higher Self potential to encourage them to be the best they can be, enjoy their lives and aim for the stars! 

But its big point of difference is that it’s written without using any spiritual or ‘loaded’ words that some people or families may find unacceptable.  It will therefore appeal to everyone regardless of their spiritual path or religion, as well as to those without any particular faith – even atheists!  It will also be perfect for kindergartens, playcentres and schools.

However you would like to support this spiritual service work will be greatly appreciated. Heartfelt thanks and gratitude – may all you do to help others be returned to you blessed and multiplied.

For New Zealanders wishing to donate,
we prefer online banking if possible (or PayPal). 

Our account number is:
MAI at the ASB Bank:  12 3092 0110699 54 

For all other countries, please use PayPal.

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