*** Take this 6-question quiz to see how Sylvia’s proven, practical, fact-based teachings that really work will help YOU, just as they have helped 1000’s of other people worldwide …

Are you ready for what this modern Mystery School offers? Check out these 6 questions and you will soon know!

1. Would you like to understand your bigger life picture – how to weave together all you’ve experienced and learned so far?

If so, whether a Spiritual seeker, healer, present or future teacher or leader, as an ‘old’ Soul you no doubt want to know

  • How all the pieces of your Soul’s journey ‘jig-saw’ of experiences and understandings so far gained, fit together
  • How to identify your direct route ‘home’, i.e. what steps you still have to work on because missing or ignoring even one halts your progress and eventual success
  • How to progress further on your Soul Path than you’ve ever been before
  • How to free yourself from the ‘ties that bind you’ to the wheel of reincarnation, karma, and the need to return to this third-dimension – unless you choose to!
  • How to achieve Soul Ascension, your ultimate goal
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“It was THE great event of my whole life. Thank you for the most profound experience of my life so far – and the journey continues. Doing the Soul Path was a culmination – I felt all my pieces of the gigantic jig-saw puzzle came together.

Your teaching was totally impeccable. I actually felt I was learning what really, finally meant something to me after many lifetimes.
I really felt I had come home for the first time in my life.”
Sara Reisma, Australia

“It answers so many questions and missing links regarding the bigger picture. I admire your openness and commitment to pass on such valuable information – you are a great teacher Sylvia.”
Roswitha Kohler, Germany

“I have never felt so inspired as during and after your seminar. Nothing else has worked until now. I can’t believe the massive changes in my life in such a short time.”
Peter Felipo, Brazil

2. Are you ready to learn how to live with an expanded Enlightened Consciousness, which means in former Graduates’ words, always feeling content, light-hearted, stress-free, relaxed, joy-full, handling challenges and decisions with ease?

If so, it’s no accident you’re reading this ‘OM’ International website right now!

  • • Your Soul is nudging you to consider this unique, highly practical, livable form of Higher Knowledge so you can then, if you choose, take action and transform your life from chaos to Love/Light
  • • You want to know what’s needed to make the most of the rest of your life, be all you can be, and enjoy …
  • Every possible thing – deep, meaningful Spirituality, wonderful love and loving relationships, enhanced health, self-healing, rejuvenation and wellbeing, limitless joy and abundance of all kinds, mental-emotional-physical-material Self-mastery, fabulous fulfilment, satisfaction, success, service – all are the natural results of living from Enlightened Spiritual Consciousness!
  • • And not just temporarily but ongoing, not just occasionally but always, in all ways!
    Genuine Spirituality is totally practical!
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“Having had the privilege to have worked with Sylvia in Glastonbury, I’m reminded of the amazing gift Sylvia brings with her work. Her ability to convey esoteric material in such practical and clear ways was such a relief for me. If you are looking for practical skills, knowledge and clarity on your spiritual path then I would highly recommend her Soulshops.
We – my wife and I – are feeling that since the course a strong, powerful surge of energy has come in which is moving us beyond anything we could have imagined.”
Mark Delamere, Senior Development Teacher, School of Life Mastery, Co-director Integral Life Centre, Cheshire, UK

“Many thanks for the wonderful seminar in Elsinore. Your unconditional love filled the room. I felt the spiritual energies present helped me to understand the Language of Light, and I also comprehended the DNA code immediately.

The entire seminar was a great learning process, which still gives me wisdom in my daily life and my journey towards the goal to enlightenment.  Hope to see you again in Denmark soon.  We all need you!”        
Gabriella K. Olsen,  Copenhagen,  Denmark

3. Are you tired of ‘spiritual fiction’ created or channeled by others, and instead are now seeking impeccable Spiritual Truths based on Ancient Wisdom’s indisputable, unchanging and proven Universal Principles and their Laws?

How ‘OM’ International differs:

  • You learn what no-one else has told you! We offer a unique compilation of the 10 inescapable Principles given to guide humanity home to Source
  • We can prove this to you because ALL great Masters and Teachers were sent by the Order of Melchizedek overlighting Consciousness, to demonstrate and teach them
  • Having been re-revealed to Sylvia in a Spiritual yet scientifically-based form relevant for this 21st Century, we offer these to you now
  • They facilitate powerful, mind-expanding insights and ongoing major ‘aha’s!
  • They will equip you for the rest of your incarnation to become a more perfect expression of your I AM Higher Self in human form
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“Over many years running a healing centre I had met many self-styled ‘gurus’ who encouraged a following, but Sylvia was the only one in whom I had total confidence, who had the unmistakable ‘ring of truth’, mainly because she did NOT set herself up as any kind of guru; simply lived her truth in total dedication and service, humourous and very down-to-earth with it.
The teachings are accessible to all who are ready for them, and embody all the Ancient Wisdom that has been practised throughout the ages. And the beauty of them is that they are intensely practical.”
Angela Taylor, London, UK.

“I feel different; my old self feels as if it has been taken away and I am beginning to live my true spiritual life, with a totally new perspective, and for the whole of humanity. I know that I will be using a much higher dimension – My Higher Self and Soul.  I have also noted quite a huge shift in my energies all round and even my healings have altered a great deal.  They are taking my clients also into a higher dimension.  The energies come rocketing through, and it is a force I haven’t encountered before.  Thank you for a fabulous course.  You are a very special lady with a very special gift of teaching and caring.” 
Christine McDonald,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Hypnotherapist; Chester, UK.

4. Are you ready to become your own Spiritual Life Coach? If so, you’re definitely one who this work is for! Check this to make sure …..

  ‘OM’ International is for you if …

  • You are ready to strip away all the fluffy ‘new age’ stuff and get back to genuine, factual Universal Principles and Laws that guide and govern every person
  • You are ready to step into your own power instead of giving it away to other people’s beliefs, opinions and ‘guidance’, including channeled entities
  • Now you desire to restore your conscious communication and guidance from your Higher Self/I AM, Soul and the Holy Spirit, your Source of higher discernment
  • You realize these are the only the only sources of infallible knowledge and guidance, and the only way to your Spiritual independence and maturity
  • You are determined not to waste any more time – or lives – following unprovable information and ‘dead-end’ paths that lead nowhere
  • You deeply desire to know your Higher Purpose, and have a sincere desire to serve the Higher Plan for humanity’s spiritual consciousness evolution.

 ‘OM’ International is NOT for you if …

  • You hope – or believe – someone else or something will ‘do’ Ascension or Enlightenment for you!
  • You believe there are outside events or other people’s techniques – templates, codings, downloads, DNA and/or Light body activations, misnamed ‘Light language’, alignments, dates, energies, entities etc – that can do it for you!
  • You prefer to accept someone else’s interpretations or beliefs around Spirituality and Ascension as your own – including the common error that physical ascension is the goal!
  • You prefer to follow unprovable channellings or grand-sounding channelled entities whose source and truth is impossible to verify!
  • You would rather rely on others for information and guidance!

“Easier to believe than KNOW – to KNOW needs work! Easier to believe through other people’s eyes, words, experiences. Spirit is in you – but only YOU can feel for yourself the infinite Power and potentialities within. YOU have to get knowledge, use, understand – only then will you KNOW!”  — Quote from Prema

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“Bless you for the course once again – that feeling of my being ‘fully integrated’ is still with me. I don’t want this to sound at all gushing, but there aren’t that many teachers out there that I actually feel comfortable with.  I have a horror of the “pink and fluffy” stuff that gets peddled under the title of spirituality – and it’s a huge relief to reconnect with someone else who actually lives the ‘you’re empowered’ message rather than simply pay lip service to it. There are a lot of people out there who seem to attract (or seem to want to attract) ‘groupies’”!  
Olivia Stefanino – UK.   Author “Be Your Own Guru.”  www.beyourownguru.com

5. Are you now ready to learn and apply your unique SOUL CODES to accelerate your Consciousness Evolution …
There is no short-cut – but this is a fast-track!

It gives you the ‘how-to’s’ that take you from Spiritual concepts and lip-service, to living – doing – becoming … in other words, that empower you to ‘walk your talk!’

  • SOUL CODES reveal the 10 multi-dimensional Universal Principles as life Instructions given to humanity for this 21st Century ‘NOW’ Age, the incoming 3rd Era of I AM Higher Consciousness.
  • You can be certain they’re genuine because they are found within ALL Spiritual paths, Sacred texts, and Ascended Masters’ teachings
  • NOW as everything is speeding up, is the time for you to receive this enlightening, empowering distillation of Universal Principles and Laws that transform your life – if you choose! And many of these are the foundation of modern science today!
  • Your neural pathways are upgraded as you apply and integrate these easily-understood and addressed SOUL CODES or personalized guidelines, through living them day by day, step by step
  • Then your life will never be the same again! You’ll be able to understand and handle all challenges with wisdom and ease, clearing their karmic causes forever!
Number 10 as image

“I am very grateful that you have dedicated your time and energy to offering this soulshop as I am sure my path in life would have been much more difficult without it. I can already see some very important lessons that I need to learn but now I have many tools and information available to me to work with.” 
Dr Stephen Watts,  Australia

“The Melchizedek Soul Path continues to strengthen me. It has transformed my life and continues to be the source of life and freedom for me. Thank you Sylvia.”
Leonie Roselle, China

6. Do you really want to discover what Ascension and life’s about, why you’re here – your Soul Mission, Purpose and Service?

Your ultimate Soul Goal and Mission is Soul Ascension.

  • One and the same, they are a work-in-progress, but require an actual guiding Transformational Process you’re here to learn to live by … ignorance blocks your Soul light
  • This Ascension Process is made up of necessary yet achievable steps, based upon Higher Truth Light Principles and their Universal Laws that govern all life on earth.
  • Your Soul Mission or Purpose – every person’s Purpose – is to master these eventually – but in which lifetime is up to you!
  • You and me – we’re all destined to succeed but only through our own efforts – Ascension can’t just happen, or be done for us!
  • As you begin to enjoy amazingly real, tangible results so you’re then able to really shine your Light and be of Service through being a wonderful example of Enlightened living!
Human behind Tree of Life image

“I owe you so much thanks for supporting me on this journey.  It’s all starting to make some sense now, the pieces of the puzzles, the knowings, the feeling that it’s all there and being revealed as I’m ready.  I AM in deep gratitude to you.”  
Dr Gail P, New Zealand

 “Thanks again for all the teachings you have given us.  I truly can say that I have found what I’ve been looking for, for what seems like lifetimes.  I don’t need to look any further, I just have to do ‘it’ now.”  
Kenneth East, New Zealand