Consultations and Mentoring

  • Sylvia has been in demand worldwidefor over 30 years for these inspired and guided sessions for the empowerment of the whole person!
  • They have proved perfect for personal in-depth Spiritual guidance, expanded self-awareness, understanding, and Higher Consciousness
  • And are ideal for those working on their spiritual advancement as well as for professional Spiritually-minded teachers and leaders, facilitators, practitioners, healers, counsellors, and those making a difference worldwide.

They are available as Skype consultations (or by phone in New Zealand) and offer you Higher Consciousness support for either your personal or professional life – or both!

1 Soul Purpose and Potential Soulscope©

Your in-depth consultation encourages self-realisation, answers questions, gives you empowering understandings and direction so you can make the most of this life experience. 
Sylvia connects with your Soul and Higher Self/I AM Presence in order to …

  • Access your Akashic Records to uncover your Soul contracts – – how best to fulfil them – what you’ve really come to do
  • Discover your Life and Soul Purpose, and the very best ways of living your Soul Potential
  • Reveal your Soul Service Mission for this lifetime
  • Reveal relevant past lives impacting you now that explain challenges or issues which often you haven’t been able to understand before
  • Give you deeper understanding about important relationships
  • Clarify karmic strengths and challenges – and how to handle them
  • Discover your 4 supporting time and energy cycles to guide your activities so you can go with the flow and enjoy more ease in your life
  • Answer your questions including what decisions or changes may be indicated. 

Please note – your Soul and Higher Self never tell you what to do!  Instead, they always empower by giving you potentials and understanding of your bigger life picture so you can make your own informed decisions.

A session takes approximately 90 minutes, sometimes more.   $245

2 Soul Codes

Sylvia is privileged to have received Soul Codes information unique in the world, which is extraordinarily freeing and uncovers what your Soul and Higher Self decided in between lives.  Based upon the Universal Truth Principles, Soul Codes answer in a personally relevant way such important questions as ‘Why am I here?’  What have I come to do?’

Your Soul encrypted the answers in coded aspects at your birth for your life guidance and it has now been revealed to Sylvia how to interpret these.

Soul Codes give you the most wonderful gift of knowing how to walk your path through the rest of this life feeling whole, full of joy and contentment, and free to be all you can be!

Your Soul Codes session …..

  • Identifies the unfinished Soul businessyou’ve come to complete
  • Reveals from your many past lives what you haven’t so far addressed – completed – healed – let go
  • Provides ‘light posts’ to help guide you on your Soul Path of freedom
  • Encoded as your Soul Language it reveals your ultimate Ascension Path
  • Tells you how you can be free of all the energetic ties that have bound you to the earth-plane up until now. Once complete, you then don’t have to return but can choose whether to go on to higher experiences, or come back fully aware in order to serve
  • If you’re interested, Sylvia can relate your personal Soul Codes to the Sephiroth on the Universal Tree of Life

A session takes approximately 60 minutes, sometimes more.   $165

3 Professional * NESHAMAH Worldwide Mentoring

Sylvia’s Spiritually-based mentored clients always report that they are quickly able to clarify anything that may have been limiting their field of service and/or modalities. As a result, exciting new insights and inspirational ideas are able to come through during the sessions so clients can take their work to unique, higher levels of consciousness!

Please email Sylvia for further information and flexible session options.

For a FREE 20-minute Introductory discussion, please, email Sylvia

 *NESHAMAH – this is the highest operation of our Soul and Higher Self in unity with Spirit.

Neshamah refers to working with the higher understanding and aspiration of our Soul (Ruach) guided by the Higher Love, Consciousness, Wisdom, Understanding and Higher Mind of our Higher Self (or I AM Presence Overself).

In turn, our Higher Mind is in direct contact with the Higher Infinite Mind of Universal Intelligence.
It uses PHOWA (Tibetan) – ‘Consciousness of Light’ – in the context of spiritual communication and conversation with the Holy Spirit, your inner Spiritual instructor or emissary of Higher Knowledge.

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