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Why am I here? — What have I come to do? — What’s the meaning of life? — How can I move from victim to victor?

Are you ready for life-transforming answers that give you …
  • Clarity and understandings?
  • Deep personal insights and ‘aha’s’ that make sense of your life?
  • Practical strategies and techniques that empower and inspire you to live an amazing enlightened life – able at last to address the ONLY questions that really matter?

Welcome to a new level of reclaiming your true I AM Higher Power and potential through this very rare service to humanity – a Mystery School of unparalleled excellence  for YOU, the 21st Century seeker.  It answers all the above questions – and more – with mind-expanding inspired revelations that cause unprecedented shifts in your consciousness.  It is based upon the ageless Ancient Wisdom that is the very foundation of life!

Not human ideas or opinions, not channellings, but eternal, Spiritual UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES and LAWS.
These apply to every person. No-one can escape them for they govern all human lives – including yours and mine!
They form the Path to Self-realization, the Path to Wholeness, Joy and Freedom.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness
into our awareness.
” – Lao Tzu

“Through study for many years with Sylvia, learning about the Tree of Life and other Mystery School wisdoms, I have been able to experience great personal empowerment, cleaned up some very ingrained beliefs and cultural programs.  In short, I have become a person totally in balance within and in complete harmony with the world and humanity.
Thank you Sylvia, for opening this door for me and teaching me amongst other gems, Self-Mastery.
 – Jeltje Kooistra, NZ

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What can this priceless knowledge do for you?

  • You learn how to live fully, to die without regrets
  • You discover your own personal life purpose coded at birth, how to fulfil it and why your life is the way it is
  • You learn how to become whole and free, living with a deep sense of joy and contentment
  • You feel fulfilled and complete, knowing your life matters and is truly worthwhile
  • Unshakeable peace of mind and inner serenity becomes possible even in the face of challenges which you learn to understand and handle with grace, ease and wisdom.

Our world class * ‘OM’ International Modern Mystery School offers unique, time-tested modern understandings of the ageless wisdom, backed by today’s scientific insights. Its breakthrough teachings empower you to live more and more of your unlimited human potential, while thriving in all areas of your life.

Its (r)evolutionary 10-step format that gets results has proved undeniably to be the most complete, successful and life-enhancing teaching, quite unlike anything else available anywhere. It is totally relevant to YOUR everyday life – easily understood and applied as thousands worldwide attest!

How is all this possible to know?

Your Soul wants you to know the Soul meaning of life through …….

  • The 10 LIFE-TRANSFORMING SOUL CODES or INITIATIONS based upon Universal Principles and Laws, here brilliantly condensed and applicable to today’s busy life-style.
  • Discovering your personal SOUL CODES that reveal those Principles most relevant to your current incarnation and progress – how to use and live them every day.
  • SOUL CODES  also reveal and identify what we’ve accumulated through our many life experiences – and how to clear and release their energies and effects.
  • Your SOUL GOAL is to evolve and achieve what is known as Purification of the Soul. This sacred all-encompassing knowledge empowers and accelerates this, ultimately freeing you to ascend into higher consciousness.
  • The 10 SOUL CODES directly relate to the 10 Sephiroth on the Universal Tree of Life which gives us a ‘map’ of our Soul Path home.
  • They form the Path to I AM Higher Consciousness, the Path to Self-realisation, empowered living, wholeness, joy and freedom.

Known as SOUL EDUCATION we offer this through Master Classes, online Home Study courses and seminars, YouTube mini-seminars, and one-on-one Skype personal Soul Codes, Purpose and Potential sessions.
Click here for information on Consultations and Mentoring.

“You don’t have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.” — C.S. Lewis
Tree of Life.

'OM' International

This teaching branch of MAI – Melchizedek Academy International
(est. 1996) – incorporates

  • Master Soul Path trainings
    Levels 1 a,b & 2
  • A University for the Soul for the dedicated seeker
  • A global Melchizedek Fellowship with annual Conclaves and Ordinations

“I have been a student of Sylvia’s since the early 1990s and am one of the countless people around the globe awed by her knowledge and ability.

Sylvia is one of those rare individuals who can convey advanced understandings in a way that people can not only grasp quickly but also readily apply, helping them to lead more conscious lives.

In this respect I would compare her to Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle or Wayne Dwyer. Very similar, offering fresh inspired strategies for self-empowerment and manifestation.
We feel very grateful.”
Jacqui J

The Miracle Effect book - front cover.

The Miracle Effect

Sylvia’s new ‘must read’ guidebook is already in 16 countries and has 5-Star Amazon reviews!

Where does the Ancient Wisdom originate?

As far as records show, in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago Abraham, Patriarch of 3 main world religions, was taught the Universal Principles and Laws by the non-human King of Righteousness – Melchizedek. They were explained through the Tree of Life and Qabbalah.
At the same time in Egypt, Hermes Trismegistus received and shared similar teachings including the Kybalion. He was later deified and renamed Thoth. These universal teachings became the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools’ Right and Left Eye of Horus trainings.

* The Order of Melchizedek is in charge of all humanity’s Spiritual evolution – view a mind-map showing its multi-faceted, all-encompassing Consciousness here.

* Mysteries refer to levels of understanding.

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